Join us for Career Awareness Week on the Quincy Campus during  March 27th through March 30th!

Career Awareness Week is a great way for you to:

  • Speak with employers to learn about career paths, as well as volunteer, internship and full/part-time employment positions
  • Learn which skills and experiences increase your employment potential and how to better brand yourself to potential employers
  • Build a professional network that may enhance your employment opportunities
  • Develop your personal brand for Career Success

Events & Workshops:

  • Career Industry Focus Workshops
  • Employer Info Sessions
  • Job Fair on Quincy Campus
  • Internship Events
  • Networking Business Cards
  • Career Readiness – resume, cover letters, networking & informational interviewing
  • Build your Linkend Profile
  • Dress for Success
  • Career Tips for International Students

Event Details

Download the Quincy Career Week Schedule.

Monday, March 27th

Room PP 309
Speaker: Ahfeeyah Thomas, Motivational Speak, Success Coach and CEO of Lady Corporate
Topic: Developing Your Brand Workshop

Room PP 418
Speaker: Karen Salhaney Smizer, Director of Career Services
Topic: Career Success Tips for International Students

Room PP 323
Speaker: Debbie Raymond, Business Development/ Job Coach, One Life at a Time, Inc.
Topic: Launching a successful job search

Tuesday, March 28th

Room PP 501
Speaker: Karen Salhaney Smizer, Director of Career Services Quincy College
Topic: Choosing or Changing you Major Workshop

Room PP 418
Speaker: Judith Bowman, Author of Protocol Consultants International Corporate & Executive Director/ Founder of the National Civility Foundation
Topic: Tips on building your Professional Presence, Business Protocol and Dressing for Success

Room PP 521
Speaker: Tina Falconi, Information Technology Specialist Quincy College
Topic: Exploring Careers in Information Technology

Wednesday, March 29th

Room PP 521
Speaker: Katy Spencer Johnson, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Quincy College
Topic: Linked-In Profiles for Professionals and Students

Thursday, March 30th

Room PP 09
Speaker: Karen Salhaney Smizer, Director of Career Services & Sharon King, Instructor of Medical Laboratory Technology Quincy College
Topic: Career readiness and exploring non-nursing, medical administration, and clinical careers.

Room PP 4th Floor Lobby
Speaker: Karen Salhaney Smizer, Director of Career Services Quincy College
Topic: Resume Review

Room PP 309
Speaker: Monsi Quinones, MA Department of Correction and Weymouth Police Officer, Jennifer Daukas Pompeo
Topic: Career & Internships Opportunities in Victimology

About the Student Career Center

The Career Center & Placement Office provides workshops, information sessions, job fairs and events to help students explore and prepare for their career opportunities as well as connect with employers to gain insight on the current job market and the skills needed to succeed.

Choosing a Major is not always the same as Choosing a Career!

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