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The Quincy College Security Management program prepares graduates to engage in the practice of private security by providing them with knowledge about the theories and principles associated with multiple dimensions within the security industry, including private security, corporate investigations, protection of assets, and interpersonal communications. Required courses establish a holistic approach toward developing a well-rounded security professional by combining topics surrounding private security, interpersonal communication, customer service and administrative issues.

Security Management Courses
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    • BUS 202
    • Principles of Customer Service
    • 3
    This course examines the principles of customer service and their significance in a service-driven economy. Topics covered include: The Service Strategy, The Customer: Internal & External; Customers’ Wants & Needs; Communicating Customer Service; Profiles of Successful Companies; Service People-Motivation, Commitment, and Reward. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • CJS 211
    • Introduction to Security Procedures
    • 3
    This course includes the historical and philosophical bases of security and a survey of administrative, personnel, and physical aspects of the field. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • CJS 212
    • Corporate Security Investigations
    • 3
    The role of private security and its relationship with the public sector continues to expand with more resources and responsibilities being leveraged on behalf of the private sector to ensure the areas of fraud, risk mitigation and emergency response are fully compliant and capable to address any situation. These enhanced responsibilities have created the need for individuals to develop more advanced investigatory skill sets. This course is designed to expose the student to multiple investigations and investigatory techniques with a specific focus on how these investigations affect private security and the relationship with public law enforcement. Topics covered will include evidence collecting, risk assessment, report writing, white collar crime, industrial espionage, workplace violence, terrorism, interview and interrogation, computer crime and courtroom testimony. Prerequisite: CJS 101.
    • CJS 213
    • Security Administration
    • 3
    This course examines significant topics in private security administration, including security planning, legal issues, managing investigations and the securing of assets, training, and human resource management. Placement at ENG 101 level is strongly advised.
    • CJS 214
    • Risk Analysis and Disaster Management
    • 3
    This course will introduce students to themes and practices surrounding the value of information and intelligence, collaboration between public/private law enforcement agencies, and strategic awareness of threat and risk mitigation; themes with which police and security agencies have become intimately familiar since 9/11. Students will learn to balance and mitigate risk in the environments of private security, crime and terrorism, natural disasters, and threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure. Students will learn how risk analysis contributes to all decisions surrounding threats and hazards, how risk balance works and how it can be applied in the efforts of preparedness, prevention, and response strategies. Students who successful complete the course will earn 3 semester credits. Prerequisites: CJS 101 and CJS 211.

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