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Internship Services

Quincy College supports and empowers students and alumni to participate actively in the career development process.

About Internship Services

An internship is an opportunity for a student to go to a place of business, work in a professional setting and apply the skills and the knowledge acquired through QC classwork.

Internships combine hands-on work experience with classroom learning, provide access to unique, professional opportunities and offer real job experience.

Apply Classroom Theory

  • An internship is a chance to see what you have learned in the classroom that relates to the world of work, how the concepts you have read about in textbooks are used in practice, and what theories, ideas, or concepts might be applied in your career area.

Skill Development

  • Together with your professor and the QC Internship Coordinator you will identify new skills you hope to learn during an internship. Some skills will relate directly to your focus of study. You will also have the chance to develop other transferable skills, including operating office or computer equipment, handling a variety of situations simultaneously, organizing or analyzing data, records, or budgets, and improving teamwork, writing, and speaking abilities.

Personal Development

  • On the job you will gain experience with managing pressure, work relationships and different leadership styles. You will have the opportunity to identify your work style preferences, productive work habits and strengthen your written and verbal communication skills.

Quincy College Internship Services

Quincy College will help you find or develop an internship, work to perfect your resume and cover letter (or start from scratch) and identify the support you need to be successful in your career path.

We will:

  • Conduct outreach to potential internship providers and employers to identify and secure full, part time and summer internship and employment opportunities
  • Help you find the right internship match to meet your academic and career goals; Provide guidance and assistance to students in order to secure appropriate internship and job placement
  • Assist you with the building blocks to apply for an internship including building your resume and cover letter and preparing for job interviews.
  • Oversee placement and monitoring of students at internship/job sites and obtain employer feedback
  • Does your major require an internship? Work with our office in conjunction with your professor to find current opportunities


Quincy College
1250 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Anselmo Library, Room 323

Current Internship Opportunities

Take a look at the incredible internship opportunities in various industries below—some of which offer generous compensation. If you need any assistance or have questions about applying to these positions, please reach out, and we’ll be happy to help you every step of the way.

Rachel Sanon | Director of Career and Internship Services
(617) 984-1759

Michael Hernon
(617) 984-1756.



Software Development Internship
Paid $30/hr | Remote workers allowed
Expires 12/16/22

Investment Research Intern
Paid $30/hr | Remote workers allowed
Expires 12/16/22

Amazon Robotics

Hardware Engineer
Expires 1/31/23

SDE Intern
Expires 1/3/22

Analog Devices

IT Services and Software Engineer
Expires 6/3o/23

Analog Designer Intern
Expires 6/3o/23

IT Automation Intern (Wilmington, MA)
Expires 6/3o/23

Bank of America

Global Technology Summer Analyst Program
Expires 3/31/23


Summer Intern – Information Technology 
Paid | Remote workers allowed
Expires 1/1/23

Cadence Academy Preschool of Weston

School Year Internship 
Expires 12/23/22

Celidex Therapeutics

Materials management Intern
Expires 12/31/22


Software Engineer Intern Summer 2023
Expires 3/23/23

Coaching for Change

College Mentor
Paid $15/hr
Expires 6/1/25


Business Intelligence Internship (2022 – 2023
Paid $15/hr
Expires: 2/3/23

Fundamental Optical Solutions, LLC.

Technical Grant Writer 
Paid $20/hr | Remote
Expires 12/20/22

G. T. Reilly & Company

Staff Accountant Internship
Expires 12/31/22

Jay Cashman, Inc.

HR Internship
Expires 12/31/22


Summer 2023 Internship Software Engineer
Paid | Remote Allowed
Expires 4/28/23

Mconnell Rothman & Co

Internships Tax and Accounting 
Paid $21/hr
Expires 8/30/23

National Stem Honor Society (NSTEM)

E-Commerce & Merchandise Virtual Remote Internship
Expires 3/17/23

Website & Technology Virtual Remote Summer Internship
Expires 4/14/23

NFP Employee Benefits Group

Summer Intern 2023
Paid $20/hr
Expires 2/28/23

Pro Rehab

Administrative Assistant /Intern
Paid $16/hr
Expires 1/1/24

Riverside Community Care Inc.

LPN Nurse Community Behavioral Health Center (CBHC)
Expires 2/23/23

RTN Federal Credit Union

Consumer Lending Internship
Paid $15/hr
Expires 12/2/22

Santander Bank

Digital Marketing Intern
Expires 12/26/22

The Carroll Center for the Blind

Human Services Intern
Expires 12/21/22

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Human Resources Graduate Leadership Development Program 2023
Expires 1/15/23

Information Technology Leadership Development Program 
Paid $22
Expires 1/15/23

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

School of Medicine – Clinical Research Intern
Expires 1/13/23

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

School of Medicine – Clinical Research Intern
Expires 1/13/23


Human Services Clubhouse Internship
Expires 1/31/23

Internship Partners

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton

Quincy Community Action Programs (QCAP)

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Manet Community Health

Aspire Health Alliance

Massachusetts Department of Corrections

City of Quincy

Allied Health Group


Best of Care

Abundant Care

Rogers & Gray Insurance

Gavin Foundations

Student Success Stories

“{Quincy College}…was instrumental in the process of my obtaining the internship. She reached out to the attorney and based on her conversations with her, determined that I would be a good fit for this position. After speaking with the attorney on the phone, I had an informative interview with her, and by the end we were both excited for me to start.”



“I think my hiring process was fairly smooth I had my interview and got the internship right after.”



“I find it easy to manage my workload when I am at my internship. I am usually given multiple tasks at once. I usually do each task one by one so I don’t begin to feel overwhelmed. There isn’t any real preparation I do for challenges besides just face them head on and do my best.”


“I am excited to finally be putting my hard work into practice. I have learned how to complete the accounting cycle in class. In my internship I am putting what I’ve learned into practice.”



“When reflecting back on the hiring process, I think it went well because their mission statement matched my passion and desire and I had already did research on the company and learned about the different services they offered there”



“I am extremely excited to begin case management and get to know these patients individually along with their personal stories so I can brainstorm and formulate the best plan and course of action in effectively treating each patient as they all will have different needs and approaches.  I feel the knowledge obtained thus far from Quincy College will help me immensely and allow me to put my acquired skills and passion to use.”

Resume & Cover Letters

Click here to download the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook created by Career Services.
Find book titles at Quincy College Libraries, our online library database.

  • Resume Magic
  • 101 Best Resumes for New Grads

Job Searching

Quincy College Career Kit
Career Kit is an online career network that allows Quincy College students and alumni access to job listings, career search tools, tips and more. Career Kit is a great resource for discovering your career connections.

Start Using Career Kit!

LinkedIn Resources

Leverage the world’s largest professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Job Search to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

Visit LinkedIn Job Search>>

Exploring Majors & Career Options

Career Cruising is an online program to identify the three top careers into which your interests, skills, and values fall. (Username: Quincy, Password: College)

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