Our mission is to help students from all backgrounds reach their academic goals by helping them become better learners.

Student Development to Success

Student Development is committed to promoting student success by offering services, programs and activities that complement and support the academic mission of the college.

The Nicastro Learning Center in Quincy and the Plymouth Learning Center in Plymouth provide free tutoring services. Both peer and professional tutors work with students by using drop in hours and appointments. Tutoring services are available during day and evening hours. We have one-on-one tutoring and small-group tutoring in most subject areas including English, ESL, Math, Science, Accounting, Computer Science, and more. We also have tutoring for improving academic skills such as writing skills for any subject area, reading comprehension, study skill strategies, time management, and note taking. 

Tutoring services are free with a Quincy College Photo ID.

Visit the Learning Center

Nicastro Learning Center

Quincy Campus
5th Floor, Presidents Place

Plymouth Learning Center

Room 232A, Main Level, Plymouth Campus

Tutoring Schedules

Quincy Campus

Scroll horizontally to see the full schedule.

Name Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sanjay Kumar A & P/Bio/Nutrition, Micro 4PM -6PM
Laura Anderson A & P/Bio/Nut/Micro/Chem 11AM-6PM 12PM-6PM
Tran Truong Chemistry/Statistics 1PM-3PM 1PM-3PM 11AM-3PM
Frank Ng Chemistry/Math/Acct/Eng Every other Sat. Call for APPT. 10AM-1PM
Sefa Dugbazah Chemistry/Math/Acct 5PM-7PM 5PM-7PM
Yoseph Mamo All Math except Stats 1PM-4PM 1PM-4PM
Trang Phan All Math, Stats 1PM-3:30PM 1PM-3:30PM
Paul Felker All Math,Stats, Calc & Physics 4PM-6PM 4PM-6PM
Elena Heineke All Math,Stats, Calc & Physics 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM
Vi Nguyen English, History I, Algebra 10AM-12PM 2PM-4:30PM 10AM-12PM
Morgan Davis ESL/English & Writing 10AM-12PM 10AM-3PM
Sarah Powers English and Writing, Algebra 1PM-4PM 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM 3PM-6PM 12:30PM-4PM
Betty Siegel English/Writing/ History 10AM-2PM
Caitlin Greene English & Writing 12PM-3PM 12PM-5PM
Megan Zguro ESL/English & Writing 12PM-3PM
Rachel Buday Learning Specialist/English/Psy* 11AM-3PM 11AM-3PM
Greg Cunningham English and Writing 3PM-6PM
Elienai Fasano Intro to Computers 10AM-2PM 10AM-2PM 10AM-2PM
Lourdes Alfaro Intro to Computers 4PM-7PM 4PM-7PM by APPT.
Gregory Spitz Computer Programming, Rm.503 10AM-12PM 11AM-1PM
Alvin Xie Computer Programming, Rm.503 10AM-12PM 11AM-4PM 12PM-3PM

Download the Spring 2017 Quincy Campus Tutoring Schedule.

Plymouth Campus

Spring 2017
Scroll horizontally to see the full schedule.

Name Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Karmle Conrad A & P I, II, Bio, Micro Bio,Nutrition, Medical Term, Business (all) 2-6PM by APPT. 9:30-10:30AM
Glenn Gaudreau A & P I, II, Micro Bio, Chem Bio I and II,Pharm,Nurition 3-6PM
Paul Nelson Chemistry 12-2PM 12-2PM by APPT.
Janice Capofreddi Math, Alegebra, Acct I and II 10:15-11:30AM
Bob Ellenberger Basic Math/College Algebra/Statistics
Judy Gibbs Physics/Chemistry/Math/Stats 1:30-3PM 11-12:30PM
Bob Wolfe Algebra 11:30-2PM 11AM-1PM
Ellen Ramsey Comp 1 and 2 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM
Louisa MacKay-Demerjian English and Writing (All Subjects), Reading 10AM-12PM
Roger White Bus/Eco/Gov/His/Writing
Donna Cahill English and Writing (All Subjects) 10AM-2PM
Janice Capofreddi Intro to Computers 10:50-11:30AM
Katherine Nolin Computer Science/Photography 12-1PM 12-1PM

Download the  Spring 2017 Plymouth Campus Tutoring Schedule.


Make An Appointment

Request a Tutor

Complete the Tutoring Request Form and submit it to nlc@quincycollege.edu (Nicastro Learning Center- Quincy Campus) or plc@quincycollege.edu (Plymouth Learning Center- Plymouth Campus).

Smart Thinking Online Tutoring

Smart Thinking can be accessed through your Canvas account.

Click here to login to Canvas. 

Smart Thinking Resources

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Contact Info:

Quincy Campus

1250 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Tel:  (617) 984-1700

Plymouth Campus

36 Cordage Park Circle
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel:  (508) 747-0400


Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-4:00pm
Sat & Sun: CLOSED

Business Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8am – 6:15pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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