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Our mission is to assist students from all backgrounds in reaching their academic goals by helping them become better learners.


Students who take advantage of student support services have greater success and stay on track to reach their academic goals. All tutoring is free. Access tutoring from the comfort of your home, or in-person on the Quincy campus.

In-person tutoring is done on a walk-in basis. Visit the Virtual Tutoring Center schedule on the Quincy College website. We also provide 24/7 online tutoring support for students with Smarthinking, which can be accessed through Canvas.


Nursing tutors are available for one-on-one and group sessions.

Please contact Kara Zimmerman for more information:

Students experiencing technical issues should contact the Information Technology office at

In-Person Tutoring Schedule:

Stop by the Tutoring Center in Room 337 on the 3rd Floor of President’s Place to work with one of our tutors.

Quincy Campus

Monday Math Thea 8:30a–11:30a
Monday Chemistry & Math Rohan 3:30p–5p
Tuesday Math Anh 10a–12p
Tuesday Math Thea 8:30a–11:30a
Tuesday Computer Science Ricardo 9a–1p
Tuesday Business Mark 2p–5p
Wednesday Math Thea 8:30a–11:30a
Wednesday Computer Science Ricardo 9a–1p
Wednesday Math Ahn 1p–5p
Wednesday Business Mark 2p–5p
Wednesday English Imani 3:30p–5p
Thursday Math Thea 8:30a–11:30a
Thursday Computer Science Ricardo 9a–1p
Thursday Chemistry & Math Rohan 3:30p–5p
Thursday Business Mark 2p–5p
Thursday English Imani 3p–6p
Friday Math Thea 8:30a–11:30a
Friday Math Ahn 9a–1p
Saturday Criminal Justice & Human Services Ann 12p–2p

Plymouth Campus

Monday English Lori 10:30a–3:30p
Tuesday Math Roland 10:30a–3:30p
Wednesday English Lori 10:30a–3:30p
Thursday Math Roland 10:30a–3:30p
Friday Math Roland 11:15a–1:15p

Virtual Tutoring Schedule:

Monday Computer Science Ricardo 9a–1p
Monday Health Sciences* Sanjay 10a–3p
Monday Chemistry, Math, Sciences Ellen 2:30p–5p
Monday English Greg 2p–5p
Tuesday Chemistry & Math Rohan 9a–5p
Tuesday Chemistry, Math, Sciences Ellen 2:30p–5p
Tuesday Criminal Justice & Human Services Ann 1p–4p
Tuesday Criminal Justice & Human Services Ann 6p–7p
Wednesday Health Sciences* Sanjay 10a–3p
Wednesday English Greg 11a–1p
Thursday Health Sciences* Sanjay 10a–2p
Thursday Chemistry, Math, Sciences Ellen 2:30p–5p
Thursday Criminal Justice & Human Services Ann 1p–4p
Thursday Criminal Justice & Human Services Ann 6p–7p
Friday Health Sciences* Sanjay 10a–1p

*Health Sciences: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, Microbiology, and Medical Terminology.

You can join us online for virtual tutoring using the following Zoom links:



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Start your education at Quincy College this fall. Our online and blended curriculum makes it easy for you to stay safe and earn your degree!

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