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Student Life

Take advantage of your time: get connected, get involved, and get QC Pride!

Welcome to the Office of Student Life at Quincy College!

We are here to help you get involved and connected to campus life outside the classroom. The Office of Student Life provides various social and educational activities and programs that help foster student success and holistic development.

We create a vibrant and inclusive co-curricular and extra-curricular experience at Quincy College. With more than 25 clubs and organizations, a variety of intramural sports, plus the numerous opportunities in Quincy and Plymouth, getting involved is easy.

Please take the time to learn more about the different clubs, organizations, intramural sports and events that are offered at Quincy College!

Student Handbook

The Quincy College Student Handbook serves as a student guide for available services, and provides a summary of important college policies.

The handbook is intended to supply accurate information to you. However, the college may revise any content in this publication at any time without publishing a revised version. This publication should not be considered a contract between the student and Quincy College.

Please refresh your browser before you view the Student Handbook links below. This will ensure that you are viewing the most recent Student Handbook.

Student Handbook 23-24

Welcome aboard!

Please send any questions, comments, or feedback that you may have to our Office of Student Life,

Melissa Lord
Student Program & Wellness Coach
(617) 984 – 1683 |

Shauna Sweeney
Student Wellness Counselor
(617) 984 – 1684 |

Get connected, get involved, and get QC Pride!

Why should I get involved?

Getting and staying involved in one of the most important things you can do while in college. “Involvement” is defined as any activity outside the classroom which enhances and contributes to student learning (Astin, 1993). Being involved can take many forms, from being a member of an active student organization, attending many unique programs and events or participating in our intramural sports. It doesn’t matter how you are involved, it only matters that you are!

Benefits of Involvement:

  • Eases the transition into college
  • Helps you need people and make friends with those who have similar interests
  • Involved students are more likely to graduate
  • Involved students feel more connected to the institution, the campus, the people, and are more familiar with the resources available
  • Involved students report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience
  • Being involved encourages and advances your intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and social development
  • As a result of your involvement, you will gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem solving, group development, budgeting and finance, presentation and public speaking, and much more!

If you would like to know more information about student life and how to get involved, stop by the Office of Student Life. We look forward to seeing you around campus at our events and programs.

Fitness & Wellness

Exercise Programs

Exercise classes are a fun way to stay motivated and reach your personal fitness goals! At Quincy College we strive to promote a balanced lifestyle for our community by providing positive outlets to support optimal well-being. Below you will find our free exercise classes offered at Quincy College. Classes will take place once a week. If you are not interested in taking any exercise classes, Quincy College has a fitness center located in the basement of Presidents Place that is available for $50 a semester. Learn more about the Health & Fitness Center>>


Where to Grab Lunch/Coffee Near the Quincy Campus


We encourage our students to go off-campus and explore all that is offered locally and in the surrounding communities. Below you will find a list that we have put together of a variety of restaurants and coffee shops that are walking distance from the Quincy Campus.

We encourage our students to go off-campus and explore all that is offered locally and in the surrounding communities. Below you will find a list that we have put together of a variety of restaurants and coffee shops near the Plymouth Campus.


Bus & Train Schedule! Always a way in and a way out:

For more information on beaches, parks, events, and other places to dine and shop in Plymouth and surrounding areas: 


View Current Semester Courses>>

Start your education at Quincy College this fall. Our online and blended curriculum makes it easy for you to stay safe and earn your degree!

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