Quincy Sun // Published February 15, 2018 / By Quincy Sun Staff

In celebration of International Engineers Week, held February 18th through February 23rd, Quincy College to host daily events that are free and open-to-the-public that will explore the variety of engineering pathways, opportunities in engineering careers, and highlight Quincy College’s Engineering Technology Program, and its new Natural Science: Engineering Program with guest speakers, panel discussions, hands-on demonstrations, engineering lab tours, and more. All campus events will be held in Saville Hall, Room 100 located at 24 Saville Avenue, Quincy MA.

Schedule of Events – Engineers Week

Tuesday February 20th: The college kicks off Engineers Week with an engineering pathways panel discussion held on Tuesday February 20th at 3:30pm. The panel will include Quincy College faculty and staff, discussing their careers, where Engineering as a field of study can take you, and the Quincy College’s engineering programs. Panelist to include: Richard Bramante, Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology; Zung Nguyen, Mission Support and Technology Associate; James Peters, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Deborah Stockbridge, Professor of Computer Science and Jeffrey Wetter, Assistant Professor of Physics.

Wednesday, February 21st: At 2pm, Quincy College will welcome Manuel Barroso, Executive Partner, Global Integration Executive Consultant for Positive Business Consulting Services to campus to speak about engineering as a fun career path. Mr. Barroso will be speaking about blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning in a speaking engagement titled: Why Engineers get the fun jobs? Blockchain, AI, IoT, Machine Learning.

Thursday, February 22nd: Linda Graf, QA Validation Manager, Manufacturing Systems at Wyeth/Pfizer and author of To Carolina – With Love is an engineer, chemist and manager who retired after 40 years in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) positions will be speaking on the flexibility and independence of a STEM Career on Thursday, February 22nd. Her book is a compilation of the situations that women in STEM have to deal with but it is written as a novel for easy reading that allows people to understand the dynamics of a woman working in a male field.

Friday, February 23rd: The week will also include an Engineering Technology Lab Tour with faculty demonstrations on Friday, February 23rd starting at 3:30pm. Practical, hands-on Engineering Technology demonstrations will feature Nao humanoid robot, Roomba robots, Optics and the property of lenses bending laser beams, 3D printing, electronic circuits, and test equipment.

Studying Engineering Technology at Quincy College

“We are thrilled to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. We are pleased to bring engineering to life for our community with fun and educational events held in our leading-edge Engineering Technology laboratory space, and increase the public dialogue about the importance of a skilled, engineering workforce,” Richard Bramante, Instructor of Engineering Technology at Quincy College reflecting on Engineers Week at Quincy College.

The Engineering and Robotics lab was designed to facilitate 20 students per class. There are 20 high powered workstations for students and one for the instructor. The workstations have engineering software installed to provide for electrical circuit simulation as well as CAD that can be used for 3D printing. The engineering lab equipment is designed for five student laboratory stations each having an oscilloscope, waveform generator, Digital volt meter and power supply. Each lab bench setup accommodates a max of four students in any one class, there are five lab bench setups in total for a max of 20 students per class.

New Area of Study – Associate Degree in Natural Science: Engineering

Engineering Week comes on the heels of a new program at Quincy College: Associate Degree in Natural Science: Engineering.

“The Engineering Technology Program allows Quincy College to strengthen our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) offerings for current and prospective students. By investing in innovation, we can enhance our students’ futures and develop skilled workers in cutting edge industries.” reflects Dean of Natural & Health Sciences, Dennis Burke.

“At Quincy College, we pride ourselves on creating pathways to advanced degrees and careers for our students as such we have created the new Associates in Natural Science: Engineering pathway for our students. This new program provides a foundation in mathematics and physical sciences to prepare students for a career in electrical engineering, computer science, or robotics and advance degrees in the field of engineering and robotics. When coupled with the Associates in Engineering Technology degree, at Quincy College, we can support a wide variety of Engineering students those wishing to enter the field upon graduation and those who will continue their education and pursue advanced degrees and areas of study.”

For more information on Engineers Week, visit:

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For more information on Engineering Technology program offerings, please visit: https://quincycollege.edu/academics/areas-of-study/.