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Summer Parking Passes

Parking Passes will be for sale in the Registrar's Office beginning at 9AM on Friday, May 4th.

Download the Summer 2018 Student Parking Pass Application>>

Parking passes are non-refundable.


Explore flexible class options: Choose from 5-weeks, 10-weeks, and 10 day sessions.

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We make heading back to school easy for the whole family. There’s still time for you to get ahead at Quincy College.

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We manage daily operations such as registration, transcript requests, enrollment verification, applying for commencement, and name/address change. This administrative office strives to provide to superior support for the diverse needs of new/ current students, alumni and faculty at Quincy College.

Contact Us

Quincy Campus
Presidents Place, Suite 203
1250 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169
Phone: (617) 984-1650

Plymouth Campus
36 Cordage Park Circle
Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: (617) 984-1707

Register For Classes


Please see an advisor if you have questions regarding your degree requirements. All returning financial aid students must register for classes online.

1. Log into the QC Portal.
2. Select the Student Tab.
3. Select “Online Registration”.
4. If you know your Course Section Number, click “Add/Drop Courses” otherwise click “Course Search” (and jump to #6 on this list)
5. Enter the Course Section Number (for example: HIS 111 81)
6. If you do not know your Course Section Number, click “Course Search”.
7. Choose a Department (for example: History) and on the Section Status choose “Open”. Click “Search”.
8. Click the Check box under Add then click “Add Courses”.
9. You will receive a message that the course has been added successfully.
10. If you do not follow these steps, you will be automatically dropped from all your courses.
11. Once you have registered for all your course(s), it is extremely important that you click the “Pay Must Pay Courses” button.
12. Click “Pay Must Pay Courses”.
13. Select “Pay Now”.
14. Select “Credit Card”.
15. Complete the form then click “Continue”.
16. You have completed online registration.


Download “How To Register Online”  for screen-shot directions of the MyQCPortal Online Registration process.


Non-Matriculating Students: Two Easy Steps to Enroll

• STEP ONE. Complete the Non-Matriculating Registration Form. All non-matriculating (non-degree seeking) students must complete the Non-matriculating Registration Form. Students should include course number and section (ENG-101-01); course title (English Composition); and time (8:00am-9:20am).

• STEP TWO. Submitting the Non-Matriculating Registration Form along with payment.
Students can submit the Non-Matriculating Registration to the Enrollment office along with the full payment at the time of registration by mail, fax or in person.

Admissions for the Quincy Campus: 1250 Hancock Street, Quincy Center, MA 02169. Phone: (617) 984-1650 | Fax: (617) 984-1794.

Admissions for the Plymouth Campus: 36 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 228, Plymouth, MA 02360. Phone: (508) 747-0400 | Fax: (508) 747-8169.

Non-Credit Course Enrollment: One Easy Step to Enroll

• STEP ONE. Complete the Matriculating Registration Form. To enroll in one of Quincy College’s non-credit courses, simply submit a registration form. Please include course number and section (NCP 305-50, for example); course title and when it meets. Payment must be received, in full, at the time of registration.

Please Note: You DO NOT need to pay the registration fee for non-credit courses.

Students may register by visiting Registrar located in Presidents Place, Suite 203 or by mailing your registration form with payment to:

Quincy College Registrar
Presidents Place
1250 Hancock St.
Quincy Center, MA 02169

Request a Transcript

A sealed copy of your transcript is required to transfer grades to another institution.

To request a transcript online, log in to the MYQC Portal. After you log in, click the Student tab then the Transcript Request link on the left.

You may also download the printable Transcript Request Form. Additional copies of this form are also available in the Office of the Registrar. Return this completed form to the Registrar with a payment.

Mailing Address: Registrar, Quincy College, 1250 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169

Quincy college graduates may receive 3 free transcripts per academic year.

Parking Passes

Summer 2018 Semester

Download the Summer 2018 Parking Pass Application.

  1. The person purchasing the parking pass must be a Quincy College student and must be registered for class for the term that the student is buying the pass for.
  2. The parking passes are available for purchase 2 weeks prior to the start of each semester.  A specific date will be posted and sold on a first come first serve basis.  Limited passes are available.
  3. Students must complete the Quincy College President’s Place Parking Application. When you come into purchase the parking pass you must have a valid driver’s license as well as a valid car registration.
  4. There is a deposit that is required to be paid and that is for the parking card itself.  That deposit can only be paid by cash, check or charge.  You may not use financial aid to pay the deposit.  The cost of the parking pass may be paid by financial aid if you have enough to cover the cost of the parking or cash, check or charge.
  5. The parking passes are available to purchase in the Registrar’s Office and will be advertised on the Quincy College website, portal and internal campus televisions.
  6. Passes are sold for the following semesters:  Fall, winter, spring and summer.
  7. Quincy College is not responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism to your vehicle, parking is at your own risk.

Registrar FAQ

How do I enroll?

Degree Seeking Students (Matriculated)
Quincy College has an open enrollment policy so that you can further your education without the barriers and without the wait. Please see our Admissions page for details.

Non-Degree (Non-Matriculated)
If are not seeking a degree from Quincy College and wish to take course to transfer to another institution you do not need to submit an Admissions Application. You simply fill out the non-matriculated registration form and submit it to the Registrar. Tuition payment is due in full at the time of registration. When the grades are in you may request an official transcript to transfer credits to another college.

If you would like to speak with a Registrar Specialist to help you get started, please call us at 617-984-1650.

How do I enroll if I am an international student?

International student applicants must mail all required documents in one envelope to the International Student Services Office. Failure to submit all documents in one envelope will result in a delay in processing. Applications from overseas must be received no later than two months prior to the beginning of the semester. Please visit our International Student Services page for details.

If you have any questions, contact our International Student Services Office at 617-984-1663.

How do I schedule a Nursing and Natural & Health Sciences Admissions Test?

Students planning to apply for any of our Health Sciences programs must complete the admissions exam prior to applying. Health Science programs include Surgical Technology, Phlebotomy, and Clinical Laboratory Science. The exam costs $25.00 and is administered each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To pay for and schedule the exam, please go to the Office of the Registrar.

Download the printable Nursing and Natural Health Sciences Test Request Form. You may fax your form to the Registrar at (617) 984-1794.

How do I add/drop a class?

To add or drop a day course you must do so during the first week of classes. Evening and weekend classes may be added or dropped before the third meeting of the class. Adding a class is not allowed after the add/drop period. In order to add/drop a class, Click here to obtain a printable version of an Add/Drop Form. Copies of this form are also available at the Registrar. Request for dropping a class cannot be made over the phone. All requests must be done in writing.

Students who have officially withdrawn in writing from the school will receive a refund of tuition according to the following schedule.

Please note the following refund policies:

15-Week Semester Courses: 
100% by the 2nd Friday since the start of classes** 
50% by the 3rd Friday since the start of classes ** 
0% after the 3rd Friday since the start of classes **

Special Session (Less than 15 weeks) Schedules*
100% the day prior to the start of the 2nd class meeting
50% the day prior to the start of the 3rd class meeting
0% the day of the 3rd class meeting

** Close of business day.
* Special Session Schedules include 10-Week, 7-Week, 5-Week, Tandem, Double-Ups and Life Long Learning courses.

For more information please view the Student Handbook.

How do I withdraw from a class and receive a grade of "W"?

If you desire to withdraw from a course or from the College, you must complete an official withdrawal form and submit this form to the Registrar. Requests for withdrawing from a class cannot be made over the phone. Failure to attend class or merely giving notice to an instructor is not considered an official withdrawal. If you withdraw, a grade of a “W” is recorded on your transcript. Once a class is in the withdrawal stage there will be no refund. Quincy College may require you to get approval from your advisor or Dean. No withdrawals are official until certified by the Registrar. For a full listing of important dates including when the deadline to withdraw is, please refer to our current Academic Calendar.

How do I audit a class?

You may audit a class to learn more about a subject or to brush up and update your knowledge about a course. In order to audit a class, you need to register just like a regular registration but specify that the registration is for auditing the class. The tuition is the same as for a credit course. A student may change a course from audit to credit during the add/drop period. A change from audit to credit is NOT allowed after the add/drop period. A change from credit to audit is allowed up until the last days of withdrawal by completing an Add/Drop Form and returning the form, along with fee payment, to the Registrar.

How do I get an official copy of my transcript?

A sealed copy of your transcript is required to transfer grades to another school. In order to request this sealed transcript, you must first complete a Transcript Request Form. Download the printable version of the Transcript Request Form. Copies of this form are also available at the Registrar. Return this completed form to the Registrar with payment. Quincy college graduates may receive 5 free transcripts per year.

How do I apply for graduation?

In order to graduate from Quincy College, a student must apply for graduation. If you have completed or are about to complete 60 credits for an Associate degree or 30 credits for a certificate program, you may apply for graduation. If you apply late, your diploma may not be printed on time. Click here for the Application for Graduation Form. Copies of this form are also available at the Registrar. Mail or bring your completed Application for Graduation, along with the Graduation Fee, to the Registrar. All students receiving financial aid must complete an exit counseling session prior to graduation. All students must submit a copy of their high school or official high school transcript. The Graduation fee of $150 is required to graduate from Quincy College. You must still pay the graduation fee even if you are not participating in the graduation ceremony. For more info, visit our Guide to Graduation page.

How do I verify a degree for enrollment?

Our institution has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for verification of student enrollment for those students who have graduated from 2000 – present. Please visit the Clearinghouse online at or call them at 703-742-4200.

For students that graduated prior to 2000, you may contact the Registrar to receive the graduation date by calling 617-984-1650/1651, faxing your request to 617-984-1794 or writing to “Verification” the Registrar, Quincy College, Presidents Place, 1250 Hancock Street, Quincy Center, MA 02171. Download the Enrollment Verification Form. Please make sure to leave your name, date of birth, and your return phone number if leaving a voicemail.

How do I appeal a grade?

A registered student who believes that he/she has received a final grade, in accordance with published Quincy College grading criteria, which is not justified, may apply to an Academic Review Committee for evaluation of his/her final grade. It is recommended that the student attempt to resolve the final grade dispute with the faculty member with whom the dispute exists before requesting a hearing by the Academic Review Committee. This request must take place within 30 days of issuance of final grades by the Registrar. Download the Request for Grade Correction Form.

How do I contact my professors?

You may contact our full-time faculty members by first visiting our Faculty & Staff Directory. This page contains faculty phone numbers as well as a link to each individual email address. If your instructor is not listed on this page, contact the Dean’s Assistant. If you need to contact an adjunct faculty member, use the following email address format:, for example instructor John Smith would be

How do I get a picture ID card?

Please visit the Tuition page to learn more about student identification cards.

Students are required to carry their student identification card at all times while on campus.

I have recently moved. How do I change my address?

If you have recently moved, simply fill out an Address/Name Change Form and return this completed form to the Registrar. You must be a current student. You may also pick up a copy of this form at the Registrar. Name changes require proper documentation such as a marriage license. You may fax the completed form to 617-984-1794. It is in your own interest to update your address with us as all mail, including grades and news about upcoming events, are sent to your address on file. Please be sure to include your apartment number and new telephone number when completing the Change of Name/Address Form. International students must fill out this form at the International Student Services Office.

How do I get information about required immunization?

All full-time students (taking 12 credits or more), all Nursing and Natural & Health Sciences students and all international students must submit proof of immunization by completing an Immunization Form within one month of admission to Quincy College. Copies of this form are also available in at theRegistrar. It is strongly recommended that this form be submitted at the time of registration.

How do I get to Quincy College? Are you located near a "T" station?

Whether you have a car or not, commuting to class at Quincy College is easy. We have two conveniently located campuses in Quincy and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Our campus located in Quincy is only one block from the Quincy Center and North Quincy “T” Stations. Click on the appropriate link below to get driving directions to either Quincy or Plymouth and find out how to get to our Quincy campus using the “T”.


Contact Info:

Quincy Campus

1250 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Tel:  (617) 984-1700

Plymouth Campus

36 Cordage Park Circle
Plymouth, MA 02360

Tel:  (508) 747-0400


Business Hours

Regular Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8am-6:15pm
Friday: 9am-2pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Download the Current Semester Bulletin. Graduate Faster. Register Now. Explore flexible class options starting in June, July and August. Choose from 5-weeks, 10-weeks, and 10 day sessions.

Business Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8am – 6:15pm
Friday: 9am – 2pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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