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The Testing Center at Quincy College mission is to provide students with a comfortable and quiet space for the purpose of being able to solely focus on learning and test taking.  Whether it is the college placement test (CPT) or the nursing entrance exam (Test of Essential Academic Skills, TEAS) the testing center’s goal is to give each student the opportunity to excel without outside distractions.

For more information about specific testing or testing times, use the menu on this page.

New Students

All newly accepted students with no prior college credits completed in math and English are required to take the College Placement Test (CPT).  Student’s whose first language is not English will be required to take the Levels of English Proficiency Exam (LOEP) in place of the college placement test.

Both tests are offered on a walk-in basis, with no appointment needed, during the days and times listed below:

Tuesday: 9:00am to 4:00pm for the College Placement Test (CPT)
9:00am to 2:30pm for the Levels of English Proficiency Exam (LOEP)

Thursday:  9:00am to 4:00pm for the College Placement Test (CPT)
9:00am to 2:30pm for the Levels of English Proficiency Exam (LOEP)

Friday: 8:30am to 1:30pm CPT exam
8:00am to 12:30pm LOEP exam

*Please note that the CPT and LOEP exams are not offered on Monday and Wednesday*

Prepare for the Accuplacer 

International Students

All International students are required to take the Levels of English Proficiency Exam (LOEP).  The LOEP exam is offered during the days and times below:

Tuesday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Friday: 8:30am to 12:30pm

Nursing (TEAS) Exam

In order to students to be accepted into the Associate degree in Nursing or the Practical Nursing certificate program they are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.  Students must register for this exam through ATI Testing.  Students can follow this link to register, www.atitesting.com

Quincy College is a proctor site for this exam on Monday and Wednesday only at 8:30am and 1:00pm.  Students must register for a specific day and time through the ATI Testing website.

Quincy College is not affiliated with ATI Testing or the TEAS exam in anyway.  Students should contact ATI Testing directly if they have any comments, concerns, or issues with registering for the exam.

Allied Health Exam

Students who want to apply for the Phlebotomy, Medical Laboratory Technician, or Surgical Technology programs are required to take the Allied Health exam as a part of the Admissions process.  The Allied Health Exam can be taken during normal placement testing hours.  Students must pay the Allied Health test exam fee of $25.00 in the Registrar’s Office and how their receipt to the Testing Specialist in order to take the exam.

Allied Health Exam testing schedule:

Tuesday: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Thursday: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Friday: 9:00am to 1:30pm

Hours are walk-in, you may come any time between these hours to take your exam.  There is no appointment necessary.

HiSET Testing

To schedule tests, pay for the tests, and check test scores please visit http://hiset.ets.org/


  • 6/20/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 6/21/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 6/22/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 6/29/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 6/28/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 6/29/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus


  • 7/11/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/12/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/13/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/18/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/19/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/20/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/25/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/26/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 7/27/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus


  • 8/1/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/2/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/3/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/15/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/16/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/17/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/29/17 | Tuesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/30/17 | Wednesday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus
  • 8/31/17 | Thursday | 5-8:30PM | Quincy Campus

If you have any questions, you may also contact ETS Customer Service at 1-855-MyHiSET (1-855-694-4738).To schedule tests, pay for the tests, and check test scores please visit http://hiset.ets.org/

Please bring a current photo ID to your test center. Copies of IDs are not acceptable.

Valid IDs include:

  • Passport
  • Government-issued driver’s license or temporary license
  • State ID card (including those issued by the motor vehicle agencies)
  • National ID card
  • Military ID card

To obtain your HiSET diploma after successfully completing all HiSet tests, please visit: https://www.diplomasender.com/

MTEL & GED Testing Dates

  • Monday June 26th | 4-8PM
  • Monday July 10th | 4-8PM
  • Monday July 24th | 4-8PM
  • Monday July 31st | 4-8PM
  • Monday August 7th | 4-8PM

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

About the MTEL

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) was initiated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 1998 as part of the statewide education reform initiative for educators seeking PreK to grade 12 academic licenses. The MTEL includes a test of communication and literacy skills as well as tests of subject matter knowledge. The tests are designed to help ensure that Massachusetts educators can communicate adequately with students, parents/guardians, and other educators and that they are knowledgeable in the subject matter of the license(s) sought. MTEL includes tests for candidates seeking vocational technical and adult basic education licenses.

To register for the MTEL please click here>> 

For general information about test requirements please click here.

General Education Development (GED)

About GED

The GED test is recognized in the state of Massachusetts. This test is aligned with current high school standards (including grade 12 standards) and career- and college-readiness expectations. This  test  is delivered exclusively on computer which provides a consistent testing experience nationwide and improved passing rates. Same-day scoring on all four parts including the new score report for reporting and remediation.

Offers three score levels:

GED® Passing Score: at or higher than the minimum needed to demonstrate high school equivalency-level skills and abilities

GED® College Ready: demonstrates the skills and abilities needed to enroll in credit-bearing college courses

GED® College Ready + Credit: may be eligible for up to 10 hours of college credit.

For general information please log on to:  https://www.gedtestingservice.com/educators/home.

To register for the GED please click here>>

Test Preparation Services

TEAS Test Prep

Test of Essential Academic Skills Test Preparation

For more information on TEAS Test Prep and the TEAS Test Prep schedule please click here.

CPC Test Prep

Certified Professional Coders Test Preparation

For more information on CPC Test Prep and the CPC Test Prep schedule the click here.



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Business Hours

Summer Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8am – 6:15pm
Friday: 9am – 2pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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