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Business Office & Student Accounts

The Business Office is responsible for student accounts, accounts payable, payroll, and maintaining the college budget.

1098-T Form

To access your 1098-T form:

1. Go to https://tra.maximus.com
2. Click "First Time Students" button.
3. Enter your full first & last names and the last 5 digits of your social security number.

Refund Checks

All refund checks will be mailed.

Student Account/ Business Office/ Bursar’s Office

The Student Accounts Business Office encompasses student account services like establishing payment plans, tuition balances, health insurance support, and more. Our offices are located on the first floor of Presidents Place on the Quincy Campus in the Welcome Center. When would you stop by the Student Accounts Business Office:

  • Need a payment plan for your semester? We charge a $50 payment plan fee per semester, tuition and fees are combined and divided into three equal monthly payments. Missed payments are subject to a $75 late fee. No transcripts will be released until accounts are paid in full.
  • Is your Tuition covered by a third-party? If you are a student whose tuition is being covered by a third-party, such as the company you work for or an outside agency, you would bring your approval forms to the student accounts desk to be processed Our friendly staff on the front desk will be happy to help you complete the appropriate forms and get you on your way to register for your classes.
  • Entitled to a refund at the end of the semester? All student refunds are processed by the Student Accounts office. The status of your refund can be checked at any time by stopping in to the office, calling or emailing.
  • Need Student Health Insurance? Student health insurance is administered by the Student accounts office. Our staff will assist you with signing up for the policy or if you already have your own, they can help you with the waiver process, full details of which can also be found on our website by accessing the link below.
  • Need to understand your account standing? We can provide you with a full analysis by semester of where your account stands and direct you to the correct department if there are any issues that require further explanation.

Some other functions performed by our office include:

  • 1098t tax forms
  • Work Study Payroll checks
  • Medical Withdrawal

The Quincy College Student Accounts Business Office staff are here to make your life a little easier when it comes to understanding your student account. Any questions you may have relating to charges on your account can be answered by our staff. We look forward to having you visit our office.

Student account statements can be retrieved via the QC Portal.

Student Health Insurance

Massachusetts law requires all full-time students to have health insurance that meets specified minimum standards. The Quincy College Student Health Insurance Plan has coverage that meets these standards.

Students who have comparable health and hospital insurance may be able to waive the college insurance if the insurance meets two important requirements:
1) Coverage must meet the Massachusetts minimum standards
2) The insurance must cover you while you are in the United States

“Coverage by insurance carriers outside the U.S. and coverage by foreign national health service programs are deemed not to be comparable to coverage under a qualifying health insurance program.” 114.6 CMR 3.04(3)(c).

If a student has health insurance through another American-based company, they must provide their card or proof of such when they register for class. Otherwise, they will be charged for the health insurance offered by Quincy College.

To waive or purchase Health Insurance, please click here.

Deadlines to waive or enroll are below:

Annual Waiver Go Live Date May 8, 2024
Annual Waiver Deadline November 1, 2024
Spring Waiver Go Live Date November 20, 2024
Spring Waiver Deadline March 28, 2025

Health Insurance Rates for 2024-2025:

Annual $3,573
Spring/Summer $2,387

Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2024

Students who have officially dropped in writing from the school will receive a refund of tuition according to the following.

Please note the following refund policies:

  • 10 and 15 Week Semester Courses:
    • 100% 7 working days since the start of class*
  • Special Sessions 5 and 7 Week Courses:
    •  100% 3 working days since the start of class

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