Quincy Sun // Readers Forum

As someone who has been a substitute teacher in the Quincy Public Schools for many years, I have seen first hand what a great public school system the City of Quincy provides to the young people of Quincy, from kindergarten to high school, students graduate with knowledge that will help them as they progress in life.

My daughter graduated from North Quincy High School back in 2004. Today she is well on her way to becoming a licensed architect after graduating from Northeastern with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Quincy Public Schools prepare her well for life. Too often too many people throw public education under the bus in favor of charter school which I agree have a place in educating our children. Catholic school also still play a role too.

However, no society can survive without good public schools, good public safety, and good public works. There is no liberal way or conservative ways to public education. The bottom line is ensuring that our future in the classrooms of America today will be the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow has a habit of arriving awful quickly.

As I viewed that photo in last week’s Quincy Sun showing Quincy College President Peter H. Tsaffaras, J.D. standing next to his quote on the wall behind, I thought that quote basically said it all when it comes to why education is so valued.

As the quote states , “ Our goal is to provide people with an education that allows them to become socially and economically productive members of society.” Nuff said.

Sal Giarratani
East Boston