Press Release Summary:  In the Fall of 2018, Quincy College will begin offering the Criminal Justice and Business Associates Degree programs 100% online. These two academic programs are available for online students throughout the continental United States with the exception of California. The academic programs are offered in pathways and students may enroll as full-time or part-time.
Quincy, MA: 
Today Quincy College is pleased to announce two new Associate Degree Programs offered 100% online: Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and Associates Degree in Business. These online programs are 18-month programs with classes offered throughout the Academic Year as 7-week courses.
“Quincy College has been offering online courses throughout Professional Programs, Liberal Arts, and Natural and Health Sciences Divisions. As the Quincy College population grows, so does the demand for affordable, accessible education. The College has witnessed a major growth in the demand for online program offerings with many students opting to take an online course in conjunction with an on-campus course. The 100% Online Associate Degree programs are a natural extension of what we already offer our students, ” Daniel Ibarrondo, Associate Dean for Online Learning at Quincy College.
Quincy College’s Online Degree Programs are guided by an on-campus faculty member, offering personalized learning, utilizing digital tools to facilitate faculty engagement similar to an on-campus experience. In addition to the dedicated faculty member, the College provides Academic Advisors and Student Support Services for all online students.
Adopting a student centered approach to curriculum, Quincy College has designed the new online degree programs which include video lecture, interactive discussion, and personalized learning tools. The instructors take an active role in customizing the online experience for each class. This differentiates the Quincy College program, as many online degree programs are self paced with limited faculty engagement.
Ibarrondo elaborated: “With personalized learning as a core philosophy of Quincy College,  Quincy College designed our online programs for students to be actively engaged in their education while mindful of the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. We focused not only on course design, quality, and content delivery but also student engagement, faculty presence, and student to student interactions. As major components of the Quincy College difference, Quincy College facilitates valuable learning relationships that inspire students to realize their educational and professional futures, even if a student is located in Oregon and never visits our Quincy or Plymouth Campuses.”
Quincy College has partnered with vendors Quality Matters, Tech Smith Relay, and Smarter Measure to ensure that students have the tools they need to succeed.
Students entering the 100% online Criminal Justice and Business Associates Degree programs, part-time or full-time are required to take the SmarterMeasure – Learning Readiness Indicator (LRI). The LRI measures a student’s level of readiness to engage in an online academic program in a technology rich learning environment. The LRI is used for aligning fully online students with campus support services, advising.
Quincy College will continue to offer 15-week long online courses and hybrid courses, a combination of online course work and on-campus course work, to students located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Students may enroll in core, general education courses offered by the Quincy College Online program without majoring in Criminal Justice or Business Associate Degree programs.
Quincy College has been nationally ranked as a Top Online Community College with the Best Return on Investment (ROI), appearing at #9 of community colleges reviewed by Quincy College was the only Massachusetts school listed and the only school in New England to appear in the Top Online Community College with Best ROI Ranking.
Quincy College’s academic programs are accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
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