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Why are we so fascinated by the supernatural?

Professor Steven Dooner helps us make sense why we are captivated and terrified of the power of the irrational, the literature of the other, inescapable fate, and ghosts.

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Quincy College Faculty share their expertise and insight on a wide variety of topics, offering thought provoking complex analysis or short, concise analysis on a range of topics highlighting their subject matter expertise across academic areas. View Features>>

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Faculty Features

Quincy College Faculty share their expertise and insight on a wide variety of topics, offering thought provoking complex analysis or short, concise analysis on a range of topics highlighting their subject matter expertise across academic areas.

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Why are we so fascinated by the supernatural?

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5 Tips on How to Survive March Madness |  5 Tips to Stay Committed to Your Fitness


Faculty Happenings

Stay on top of the latest and greatest news, accomplishments and publications featuring Quincy College faculty.


Currently in Quincy: Dr. Wayne Westcott provides tips on sticking to your fitness goals

Dr. Wayne Westcott, Chair of the Quincy College Exercise Science Program talks to Joe Catalano, host of Currently in Quincy, about how to stick to your New Year’s fitness goals.



Faculty Publication: Dr. Wayne Westcott, Chair of Exercise Science “Supercharge Your Workout with a Weighted Vest”

Quincy College Chair of the Exercise Science Program Dr. Wayne Westcott has published an article in Bottom Line Inc. entitled ” Supercharge Your Workout with a Weighted Vest.”  Dr. Westcott shares how a weighted vest, an often underused piece of exercise paraphernalia is designed to add some heft to a variety of workouts. A weighted vest can make your muscles stronger, help you burn more calories and crank up the benefits of your cardio workout.

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Discover Historic New England: Captives from Africa via the Caribbean.

Quincy College Professor and Historian Kerima Lewis will host a free lecture: “Discover Historic New England: Captives from Africa via the Caribbean.” Professor Lewis will talk about colonial slavery and the early history of Africans brought to New England on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm in the Thomas Crane Public Library Meeting Room. The program is free and is presented in partnership with the Abigail Adams Birthplace in commemoration of African-American History month. Professor Lewis will also speak to the Quincy College community on February 26th about Education during Slavery in the Quincy College Student Lounge at 12:15pm.

Learn more about the event at Thomas Crane Public Library>>



How to Build Strength

Quincy College Dr. Wayne Westcott, Chair of the Exercise Science Program was quoted in The New York Times discussing how to maintain strength as we age.

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Running Mindfully.

Adventure Sports NetworkQuincy College Professor of Sociology and Psychology, Dr. Kenneth Texeira lent his expertise in sport psychology when an runner explored mindful running on a blackout track. ” “As a society we are always trying to avoid and make our experiences augmented with technology, so there is something very beautiful about taking all of the technology away and enjoying the experience as simply as possible,”

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Image Credit: Adventure Sports Network


Capturing the Vineyard

Capturing the Vineyard - Quincy College Adjunct Faculty Member, Morgan Davis' Artwork has been exhibited as part of "The National" Exhibition held at Cape Cod Art Center BarnstableQuincy College Adjunct Faculty Member Artwork exhibited as part of “The National” Exhibition held at Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable. Quincy College Adjunct Faculty Member and Quincy native Morgan Davis’ artwork has been selected from a field of over 400 artists, and was displayed in an artwork exhibition at the Cape Cod Art Center’s “The National” Exhibition. The annual open juried exhibit included 88 pieces artwork from artists across the United States and is always one of Cape Cod Art Center’s biggest and most prestigious exhibits of the year. Read more>>


Effects of Resistance Exercise and Protein on Body Composition Following Weight Loss

Faculty Focus Wayne Westcott, Quincy College Professor of Exercise ScienceQuincy College Exercise Science Instructor, Dr. Wayne Westcott, PhD. has been published in Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Dr. Wayne Westcott, Chair of the Quincy College Exercise Science Program, Rita La Rosa Loud, Director of the Quincy College Health & Fitness Center, and their research colleagues hypothesized that a sensible, three-fold approach to weight loss would be more successful than than the typical low-calorie diet method.

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Quincy College’s Dr. Wayne Westcott, Ph.D Exercise Science and Chair of the Quincy College Exercise Science program recently contributed his expertise and insight for a shape magazine article on muscle tone:

Image of weights and sneakers” … we’re all born with slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, says Westcott. When we strength train, the fast-twitch ones are more responsive and grow more easily, he says. So: “People born with a higher-than-average percentage of fast-twitch fibers respond quickly and more effectively to the strength training stimulus.”

Read @Shape_Magazine>>


Researching the Production of Cancer Stem Cells Quincy College Adjunct Instructor Published in Anticancer Research: International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment

Dr. Sibaji Sarkar, PhD, Quincy College Adjunct InstructorQuincy College Biotechnology Adjunct Instructor, Dr. Sibaji Sarkar, PhD. has published an article entitled, “Cancer Progenitor Cells: The Result of An Epigenetic Event?” in the January 2018 issue of the journal Anticancer Research: International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment as a corresponding author. The article describes how alterations in the epigenetic switch, defined as the process for how genes are switched on and off, could potentially generate cancer progenitor cells, which are biological cells similar to but more specific than stem cells. The authors explore the role epigenetics play in the regulation of and the formation of cancer progenitor cells, cancer progression, metastasis, and relapse by alteration of the epigenetic switch. Read the Article Abstract.


Quincy College Faculty Member and Professional Sculptor debuts Frederick Douglass Bronze Statue at Nantucket Aetheneum

Frederick Douglass Bronze Head by Quincy College Instructor, David EnglundProfessor David Englund, who teaches philosophy and history at Quincy College and renowned local sculptor will have a sculpture on display at the Nantucket Aetheneum.

“Frederick Douglass was a slave, ship caulker, free man, ordained minister, abolitionist, women’s suffragist, author, orator, editor and friend of President Abraham Lincoln.  The sculpture, a bronze portrait, is based on images of his appearance after he moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1838, ” Englund states.

Englund, an 89 year-old professor, who retired in 1996, has taken to sculpting busts of people whom he admires when not teaching at Quincy College.

The 70 pound bronze bust of Frederick Douglass is 19 inches in height, appearing on a black marble base. The exhibit will be on display at the Nantucket Aetheneum.

For details on other works by David Englund, visit: http://www.daveenglund.net/9.html.



“Lizzie of Fall River”: Steve Dooner

Quincy College Professor of English/Humanities Steve Dooner revives “Lizzie of Fall River”, a stage drama which he co-wrote and directed. The play originally debuted in 1999 to 4,000 theatre-goers.  The 2017 revival does include updates: “It’s a richer play and gives my actors more to work with,” Dooner elaborated in a recent interview with Metro West Daily News.

Read the full article here: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/entertainment/20171008/on-stage-local-troupe-takes-whack-at-lizzie-borden/1


Cape Media News Conversations: Dr. Ken Texeira

Quincy College Professor of Psychology Dr. Ken Texeira talks with Cape Media News Director Sarah Colvin about how we can best keep our heads above water during difficult situations.


Shaklee Weight-Loss Studies at Quincy College

Quincy College’s Dr. Wayne Wescott, Professor of Exercise Science discusses participants’ weight-loss successes with a combined exercise and nutrition program in a ground-breaking new study.


Dr. Wayne Wescott quoted in Consumer Reports article: “ How to Lose Weight the Right Way.”

Quincy College’s Dr. Wayne Wescott, Professor of Exercise Science was quoted recently in a Consumer Reports article: “After midlife, you lose 5 to 10 pounds of muscle per decade, which dramatically reduces how many calories your body burns,”

“Resistance training helps offset that loss, and research shows that your resting metabolic rate stays elevated 5 to 9 percent for up to 72 hours after a session.”

Read the Full Article: http://www.consumerreports.org/dieting-weight-loss/how-to-lose-weight-right-way/

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