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FYS Instructors

Meet the FYS Instructors

This year’s FYS is centered around the theme of social tolerance, and each section is led by a full-time faculty or staff member to better connect students to the Quincy College community.

Click on the topic areas below to learn more about the instructors within that topic area.

First Year Seminar Instructors

Meet the FYS Instructors in each of the topic areas:

FYS Instructors Specializing in Humanities


Leor Alcalay, Professor of English as a Second Language 

Professor Alcalay loves contributing his knowledge to enable students to discover their full learning potential and put their natural abilities to full use.

His students have gone on to success in core and major courses, internships, associate and advanced degrees, jobs, and careers throughout the world. Professor Alcalay is devoted to his family. He also enjoys reading, writing, communicating, and watching film.

Professor Alcalay is excited about teaching FYS, creating a welcoming classroom where students share experiences, explore new concepts, and compare personal and cultural perceptions.


Laurel Kornhiser, Professor of English/Humanities

Dr. Kornhiser loves the world of the imagination. Reading and writing poetry, novels, and essays make up her indoor life. She also loves being in nature–hiking, skiing, walking, bodysurfing. Dr. Kornhiser is passionate about her family, friends, students, work, social justice, yoga, and preserving the environment.

Like her students, she settled into her college career at a community college, and went on to get a bachelor’s degree at Boston University, a master’s at Boston College, and a Ph.D. at Northeastern. She has taught at Quincy College full time for nine years.

Dr. Kornhiser loves having the chance to get students excited about the college, their futures and life goals, and a world of new ideas.

FYS Instructors Specializing in Social Sciences


Amanda Deck

Amanda Deck, Director of Student Life 

Amanda Deck has been working at Quincy College since 2015 as the Director of Student Life and as an instructor for First Year Seminar. In addition, Amanda is the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at The College of Saint Rose Albany, NY and Head Coach of American FC United U12 girls team out of Quincy, MA. In 2010, Amanda earned her B.S. in Criminal Justice and Psychology and continued on to get her M.S.Ed in College Student Services Administration at The College of Saint Rose. Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and son, working out and exploring New England.

Amanda is excited to help students navigate their college experience.


Elizabeth Do, Librarian

Elizabeth Do grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, spending most of her childhood with her nose in a book. She has worked in many types of libraries and has been the librarian at the Plymouth campus of Quincy College for the last eight years. Elizabeth’s primary areas of responsibility are information literacy instruction and reference.

Elizabeth is excited for the chance to help  FYS students explore their career paths, and to figure out their learning styles, to really take a moment in their lives to pause, focus inwards, and see how they can be successful in college — something that she struggled with so much as an undergrad.


Fred Doyle, Assistant Professor of Various Disciplines, Liberal Arts and Professional Programs 

Mr. Doyle has served in many roles at Quincy College including acting as a member of the Board of Governors and as the Director of Non-Credit Education. He currently serves as a full-time faculty member. Mr. Doyle is an attorney, who practiced law for many years.
The City of Quincy has been his “ hometown” for twenty-seven years. Mr. Doyle is the proud father of four sons and one daughter. Mr. Doyle enjoys politics, theatre, sports and spending time with his family.
Mr. Doyle believes FYS provides a unique opportunity for Quincy College to inspire its incoming students and stimulate excitement in their education and their lives


Henry Rubin, Professor of Sociology 

Henry moved to Pennsylvania and California from New Jersey and Memphis before returning to the East Coast in 1989. He believes that a college education and travel are the two best ways to explore the similarities and differences between people and to reconcile the diversity of humanity. Henry is always thinking about group dynamics and the creation of “others” or “out-groups”. Beginning in his youth with his study of the Holocaust, Henry developed a strong interest in why and how people commit crimes against humanity, especially genocide (the systematic attempt to eliminate a group of people). Henry is genuinely thrilled to teach at Quincy College where every day he can explore the world’s cultures.

Professor Rubin is excited to help students turn their dreams into achievable goals during First Year Seminar.


Deborah Stockbridge, Professor of Computer Science

Professor Stockbridge has been teaching at Quincy College for the past 21 years.

She reads all of the time and belongs to a book club. Skiing, biking and hiking are her favorite outdoor activities. Professor Stockbridge enjoys working out at the college’s fitness center. Professor Stockbridge has four grown children and four grandchildren.

At Quincy College, she gets a chance to meet a lot of students – some from all of the world. Professor Stockbridge is able to really get to know students because of the small class sizes. Graduation is one of her favorite college events because it’s when students realize their dream of achieving an education.

Professor Stockbridge is excited to listen to students voice their opinions about the different topics that are covered in First Year Seminar.

FYS Instructors Specializing in Civic Engagement


 Mary Jane Knox, Financial Aid Assistant 

Her name is Mary Jane but she goes by MJ. She loves Quincy College because of the diverse population. MJ was brought up in a low income, single mother; home in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

One of MJ’s favorite things at QC is that she gets to help people who are struggling with their own self-confidence or doubt. She’s there to let them know that they CAN do it.

MJ was a Salvation Army Officer and Minister for 12 Years. Now she works in the Financial Aid Office and teaches First Year Seminar at Quincy College.

MJ enjoys watching first time and returning students grow in confidence.


Jason Paynich, Professor of Criminal Justice 

Jason Paynich has been teaching at Quincy College in the Criminal Justice program since 2009. Professor Paynich considers himself a criminal justice generalist with interests in crime analysis and police ethics. He has served as a police officer in Montana and was appointed to be a research Fellow at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Office of State and Local Training before moving to the Boston area. He enjoys traveling with his kids, flying drones and teaching Criminal Justice.

Jason is excited for the opportunity to help students “kick-off” one of the most important chapters of their lives.

FYS Instructors Specializing in Business


Ray Guillette, Associate Professor of Business

Dr. Raymond Guillette sees himself as a Higher Education Evangelist spreading the “gospel” of how education is the great equalizer of life. When asked who he was – ” he said I am just a teacher”. His passion and vocation is teaching and learning.

Dr. Guillette is excited about the collaborative learning environment in his FYS courses.


Heather Keen, Academic Advising Associate 

Heather has been at Quincy College for over 10 years, working in various roles around the College including Student Life, the Divisions of Professional Programs and Liberal Arts, and most recently as an Academic Advisor in the Advising Office. She has been teaching FYS since fall 2014. Heather has a Bachelors in Communications from Manhattanville College and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from Bay Path University. In her spare time Heather likes to put her own spin on recipes she found on Pinterest, workout (Barre and Pound Fitness classes) hike, travel, and spend time with family and friends.

As an FYS Instructor, Heather loves helping students reach that “Ah-ha” moment where they are able to realize and work toward reaching their goals.



Marie Keough, Assistant Professor of Business 

Professor Keough earned her AS degree in Travel & Tourism Management, BS degree in Hospitality Management, MS degree in Managerial Technology from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.

She has had the opportunity to travel the world and meet so many interesting people. Professor Keough has worked in the Hospitality & Tourism industry working as a tour guide, airline regional representative, hotel Concierge, General Manager and Director of Sales & Marketing.

She is excited to be continuing her career by working in her hometown of Quincy, teaching at Quincy College. She is looking forward to meeting the FYS students.

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