Alumni of Quincy College’s Biotechnology and Good Manufacturing program are employed in the life sciences industry throughout Massachusetts. They include Jean-Luc Bellefleur at Cytiva, a global company that helps advance development, manufacturing and delivery of therapeutics.

“When I was considering Quincy College, I didn’t even know what biotech was,” he recalls. “It seemed promising, given that I’d always had a passion for math and science. But I was concerned about return on investment so I wanted to study something that would lead to a career.”

It certainly did. Jean-Luc was actually hired by Cytiva’s predecessor company even before he completed his Associate’s degree, and that jump-started him on a path to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and a move up the company ladder to his current role as a regional workflow development leader.

“Quincy College gives students the kind of technical education that gets them ready to work in the industry – understanding the science as well as the job,” he says. “The lab facilities and equipment are top-notch and high-quality faculty helps set them up for success. “

For Jean-Luc, being a Quincy College alum is a point of pride. “My experience there was amazing. The College opened the door, but then it was up to me to see how far I could go.”