Each spring, Quincy College celebrates our graduates at Commencement. And each year we also celebrate alumni who’ve achieved additional academic success thanks to the educational foundation we’ve provided.

Rohan Kansagara just earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. He credits his Quincy College experience for preparing him to take that next step.

“It was accessible, affordable and I liked the environment, especially the smaller class sizes,” he says. “I learned a lot; my Math skills were really enhanced there. From my first day in Chemistry class, I knew others were on a path similar to mine. There was a sense of being part of a community.”

Even as he pursued his Bachelor’s Rohan remained part of that community, returning to Quincy College to tutor our students in Chemistry and Math. “When you help someone else, you’re actually building your own skills,” he says. “I love to teach, and Quincy College has done a lot for me.”

Congratulations, Rohan, and thank you for continuing to support Quincy College by teaching, mentoring and serving as a role model to our students.