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Harvard Business Review// Published June 04, 2018/ By Timm Runnion and Ivana Gibson

…”Yet another example of a business/education partnership is Shire, a biotech company with U.S. operational headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, which has been working with nearby Quincy College for the past several years. In addition to providing financial support, it donates equipment and supplies.”

“Together, in response to industry demand, we’re creating a dedicated pipeline of skilled biomanufacturing professionals,” said Bruce Van Dyke, chair of Quincy’s Biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practice program, in a recent interview with us. “Our grads are not only being hired by Shire, which now has about 15 of them, but also other biotech companies in the region. Beyond this, we also provide specialized training to those already working in the field.” “…

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Source: Harvard Business Review