Two new members of the Quincy College Board of Governors were sworn in February 18th by Quincy City Clerk Nicole Crispo. Robert Harnais and Frank Santoro received a warm welcome from the Quincy College Board of Governors following a three-month process that included an application, an interview, and vetting from the Appointing Council led by Governor Gregory Hanley.

“With so many qualified candidates seeking to serve Quincy College, the choice was a difficult one,” said Governor Hanley. “We are delighted that Judge Harnais and Mr. Santoro stepped forward to offer their skills and experience to move Quincy College forward.”

Mr. Robert W. Harnais, Esq., brings over thirty years’ experience in public service to the Quincy College Board of Governors. During his career, Mr. Harnais served as president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, the Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys, the New England Bar Association, and the Norfolk County Bar Association. Mr. Harnais dedicated over 25 years to his general law practice in Quincy as partner of Mahoney & Harnais. Mr. Harnais was also General Counsel of the Norfolk County Sheriff’s office from 1999-2018, and served as Acting Sheriff in 2018.

A strong advocate of public higher education in Massachusetts, Mr. Harnais has served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Massasoit Community College, and as a member of numerous community college advisory boards. Mr. Harnais also brings to the board his experience and knowledge gained from training he received from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in the areas of ADA, diversity, and sexual harassment.

A graduate of the New England School of Law and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Mr. Harnais is now Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Trial Court, nominated by Governor Charlie Baker in 2020.

Also sworn in, Mr. Frank Santoro brings both his professional and personal experience to the Quincy College Board of Governors. After obtaining his associate degree at Quincy College, Mr. Santoro recalled how the Quincy Junior College Basketball Coach personally took him to Framingham State College. This visit was just the beginning of a successful career in education and public service, that included work as a teacher and administrator in Boston, Brookline, and Quincy. Mr. Santoro is also currently a member of the Quincy School Committee and the Quincy Asian Resources (QARI) Board of Directors.

“With the addition of these two members, the thirteen-member board is now complete,” said Chairman of the Board of Governors, Paul Barbadoro, Esq. “We are grateful that so many local citizens are volunteering for public service, and choosing Quincy College.”

“We are building the Quincy College of the future,” said Dr. Richard DeCristofaro, President of Quincy College. “We are honored that Judge Harnais and Mr. Santoro chose to bring their tremendous wisdom, passion, and experience to Quincy College.”