CBS Boston // Published September 9, 2022 // By Rachel Holt

QUINCY – The newly launched Quincy College Cupboard provides food and personal care items to students, free of charge.

“Even today this morning I didn’t have time to come eat so I was able to stop by and just pick up a cup of fruit or something so I could have some energy for my classes,” said student Jenayah Volmar, picking out her favorite snacks.

“We do shampoo, deodorant, soap, hand sanitizers, everything from Band-Aids to hair ties. As well as snacks that students can grab on the go,” said Melissa Lord, Student Program & Wellness coach at the college.

Stop & Shop provided a $10,000 grant to the community college to make sure the shelves are full for students year-round.

“Many students coming back to education. Many are single parent homes, many have other jobs,” said Rick DeCristofaro, Quincy College President.

The opening of the cupboard coincided with the first day of fall classes, and a farmer’s market style event to celebrate.

“It’s really about providing food in a way that’s less stigmatizing to students. And making them feel a little more comfortable accessing the services,” said Lord.

Since the cupboard launched Wednesday, the presence of empty bins highlighting a great need in the student population.

“It really says that the need is here. The students will take advantage of it. And I think it will be a tremendous success,” said DeCristofaro.