By: Sue Scheible
Source: Patriot Ledger, “A Good Age” Blog

QUINCY — Quincy College’s Military and Veteran Services Department will host a Veteran’s luncheon for veterans, their families, and the military service community on the South Shore on Monday Nov. 9 from noon to 3 p.m. It is not open to the public but does honor and recognize the veteran community.
The luncheon’s goal is two fold; to honor Veterans Day and develop a sense of veteran camaraderie and awareness. The event will be held at the Quincy Campus and at the Plymouth Campus.

Quincy College wants the public to know about a wide range of support it provides for its large military and veteran student body. The college has been recognized as a Military Friendly School by GI Jobs Magazine and prides itself on the personalized assistance it provides to veterans and veteran dependents.

Christopher Breton is Military/Veterans Specialist for Quincy College’s Military and Veteran Services Department. Breton said: “Quincy College prides ourselves in making the transition from the military to student as smooth and easy as possible. Quincy College wants to serve those who have served and continue to serve today. We are a one stop shop for everything military. We provide personalized assistance to all veterans, veteran dependents, and active duty military acquiring the various educational programs that they may be qualified for. “We also assist in getting benefits outside of the classroom such as VA disability services, welcome home bonus, health and welfare services, guiding the students through the entire process. We have embraced the motto of no soldier left behind in our daily tasks. We provide academic advising for these students the minute they register with Quincy College to ensure students can make the most of their academic careers.”

Through the Quincy College Veterans Discount Program, Veterans may enroll in either Liberal Arts or Professional Programs classes at a discounted rate. Veterans are eligible for this reduced rate regardless of the number of courses they take in a semester. The veteran discount program is not funded by the state or federal government; therefore, veterans who are eligible for education benefits through the VA may also receive the Quincy College discounted rate. Quincy College is a proud member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges Consortium (SOC).

Quincy College has been also been named a military-friendly school for the fourth year by Victory Media. Victory Media is a group that focuses on issues related to military personnel returning to civilian life. It honors colleges, universities, and trade schools. Quincy College is one of only 37 colleges in Massachusetts that have been awarded the Military-Friendly designation.

For more information about the Military and Veterans Services available at Quincy College, please visit the program’s website.