Quincy College To Lead Six-Month Exercise/Nutrition Study
By: Quincy Sun Staff

Quincy College’s Exercise Science Department led by Dr. Wayne L. Wescott, Professor of Exercise Science, Author, and Lecturer will conduct a new 6-month exercise and nutrition research study assessing body composition beginning January 6, 2016 and concluding July 1, 2016 at the Quincy College Health and Fitness Center in the Lower Level of Presidents Place located at 1250 Hancock Street, Quincy.

To support the study, Quincy College will host a December 29th Informational Meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Quincy College’s Presidents Place Campus, Lower Level Conference Room at 1250 Hancock St., Quincy. Attendance is mandatory for all study participants who must be 18 years old or over.

Offered in partnership with leading nutritional company, Shaklee, Quincy College will assess the impact of supervised resistance training and nutrition plans that include protein-enriched nutritional products over the 6-month study period.

Participants are required to register as part of Quincy College’s Spring Session of the Health and Fitness Center, a $250 expense. However, upon completion of the study, participants will receive a full reimbursement. Study participants will meet twice a week for exercise training and nutritional guidance and will receive free Shaklee nutritional products (a $1,000 value) at zero cost over the duration of the 6-month study. Quincy College has also partnered with Doctor’s Express in Braintree who will support participant blood testing at the start, half way point of the study, and at the conclusion of the study.

Study participants are expected to commit to and complete at least 80% of scheduled exercise sessions, remain in compliance with nutritional guidelines, and participate in pre-training, mid-training and post-training health/fitness assessments.

The study will assess the positive health outcomes during the six month study. These outcomes may include increased improved weight and other body composition factors. In particular, the study will examine changes in body weight, fat, muscle, waist girth, hip girth, blood pressure, blood cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL), triglycerides, and HbA1c (blood sugar).

“The obesity epidemic and being overweight are the most prevalent health/fitness issues in America, with more than 65% of population being categorized as either overweight or obese. Every year about this time the majority of American adults begin thinking about a weight loss program after the holidays. This diet/nutrition cycle is challenging to maintain. The problem is not with good intentions or lack of will power, but a simple misunderstanding of how our bodies function. Neither diet or exercise alone has shown sustainable reductions in body weight. Our new study is intended to examine the effects of a well-designed exercise and nutrition program on multiple health and fitness factors across a period of six months. We are hopeful that this study will demonstrate significant, sustainable body composition and health results with a combined nutrition/exercise program,” said Dr. Wayne L. Wescott.

To reserve their seat for the December 29th information meeting at 5:30pm, interested parties are encouraged to RSVP via the event page or contact Dr. Wayne Wescott at 617-984-1716; seating is limited. Information Meeting attendance does not guarantee a reserved spot in the study. Participants must meet eligibility requirements which will be reviewed during the Informational Meeting on December 29th.

In addition to the Fat Loss and Nutrition Study, the Quincy community at large is welcome to attend the Quincy College Health and Fitness Center for a class or training session. The Health and Fitness Center will offer two schedules of 25-week health/fitness classes will occur at Presidents Place on the Quincy Campus. Each class involves approximately 30 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of aerobic activity and 5 minutes of stretching exercises. The purpose of Quincy College fitness programs is to reverse the key problems of the aging process by remodeling muscle, recharging metabolism, reducing fat, and regaining physical fitness.

For more information on the Exercise Science degree programs or for details about the Health and Fitness Center at Quincy College, please visit the program website.