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Bridges to College

Credited Program


Quincy College recently received a grant from The Department of Higher Education titled the “Bridges to College Program”. This program gives students the opportunity to earn 9 credits, the equivalent of 3 courses, at no cost to them.

To qualify, students must never have attended college. The regular tuition for these 9 college credits would be approximately $3,000. In addition to this $3000 savings, the grant will also cover the cost of books.

This is a huge opportunity for educational growth as well as a great investment of your time. Currently, Quincy College has a total of 15 available spots for this program. These 3 courses will provide the necessary foundation for college work.

Accuplacer Testing is required. Hours of testing are Monday & Thursday from 9:00am-12:30pm. Please bring your student id or passport with you. Testing is in the Lower-Level Room 033 South Tower. After testing, you’ll meet with an academic advisor.


Course Title Credits
IDS 167 First Year Seminar 3
MAT 103 College Algebra 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3


Janet Pearson
Director of Workforce Development | | (617) 984-1752

Bridges to College Courses
    • Code
    • Course
    • Credits
    • IDS 167
    • First Year Seminar
    • 3
    This experiential course welcomes students into the academic learning community of Quincy College. Centered around a yearly theme, the purpose of the course is to ensure that all new students connect to the Quincy College community. All sections provide students with college success strategies and each focuses on one of five different perspectives: 1) Humanities, 2) Social Sciences, 3) Civic Engagement, 4) Business, 5) Natural Sciences. The course is required for all new, degree-seeking students who have fewer than 12 college credits from another accredited institution. It is expected that students will take this course in their first semester at QC.
    • MAT 103
    • College Algebra
    • 3
    This college level algebra course expands upon a student’s knowledge by further developing algebraic concepts. Topics include graphing equations with an introduction to functions, factoring polynomials, operations on rational functions, simplifying rational exponents, and solving quadratic equations. Students will be required to complete homework assignments using a web-based computer program. Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the placement test or successful completion of MAT 097.
    • ENG 101
    • English Composition I
    • 3
    A required course for all students who have demonstrated acceptable writing proficiency as measured by a standard test or satisfactory completion of ENG 090. This course will emphasize developing the student’s ability to articulate his/her thoughts in writing a coherent, unified, and well- structured composition. The student will write a series of papers. The student will also learn the techniques needed to produce a library research paper. The required research paper is a major component of the course.

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