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Quincy College Trust

The Quincy College Trust is a non- profit foundation which was established to receive endowment funds, charitable donations and gifts in support of Quincy College and its mission to provide an affordable and accessible post-secondary education to its students. The Quincy College Trust Board is responsible for assuring that donations are used for intended purposes, scholarships are awarded, and special funding requests are granted if the request enhances the overall mission of Quincy College.

Quincy College Trust is a 501(c)(3) Tax ID: 51-0579620
Donations to the Quincy College Trust are tax deductible.

Philanthropic relationships shall not guide or alter business decisions made by Quincy College. A gift To the Quincy College Trust does not guarantee future business; the refusal to make a gift does not preclude future business.  The intent of all fundraising efforts is to support and enhance Quincy College and its mission.


Quincy College Trust Members

Scott Campbell, Chair
Megan Shaughnessy, Esq. Treasurer
Gary Wallrapp, Secretary
Steven Dooner
Sean Kenealy
Gail Samaha
Servet Yatin, Ph.D.

Board of Governor’s Representatives

Christopher Carroll, Esq.
Barbara Clarke

Quincy College Trust Quintessential Award

Quintessential Event Details Coming Soon!

Past Quintessential Award Recipients

William Gross

William G. Gross, 2018 

William G. Gross is a 2017 Graduate of Quincy College and was conferred an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Commissioner Gross is a 35-year veteran of the Boston Police Department. After joining the department in 1983 as a Boston Police Cadet, he graduated from the Boston Police Academy in 1985. He spent years as a patrol officer, patrolling the many neighborhoods of Boston. He was also assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force, Drug Control Unit, as well as being an Academy Instructor. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2004 and Sergeant-Detective in 2006. The majority of his supervisory years were spent in Dorchester – Boston Police District 11. He embodies what it means to serve others for the betterment of self and the community as a whole, a mission that is shared by the faculty and staff of Quincy College.

Mark Bertman

Mark Bertman, 2017 

Mark Bertman served on the Quincy College Board of Governors from 2005- 2010, he became the first President of the Quincy College Trust in 2004 and is still a member of the Quincy Trust Board today. Mark and his wife Isobel are the proprietors of Rogers Jewelry in Quincy Center which has been a Quincy institution since the early 1940’s. Mark Bertman is Quintessential Quincy; he has spent years advocating for the City of Quincy, Quincy College and most importantly, its students. He is a man who embodies what it means to support others as they strive to improve their lives through advocacy and education.

Reverend James Hawker

Reverend James F. Hawker, 2016 

Reverend Hawker was ordained a priest at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in 1963. Reverend Hawker’s career throughout the years focused primarily on education. He was the Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Boston, served as a consultant to the Vatican in the area of education, and was appointed the Diocesan Vicar for Education in North Carolina.

Presently Reverend Hawker is a member of the Quincy College Board of Governors. He volunteers at the Suffolk County House of Correction, ministers to those who are suffering from substance abuse and is actively involved in AA’s twelve step program. Reverend Hawker’s life is dedicated to the service of others.


Your gift, every gift, ensures Quincy College will continue to fulfill the mission of providing its students with an attainable and rewarding education.

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    Your gift ensures Quincy College will continue to fulfill the mission of providing its students with an attainable and rewarding education.

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