University Business Magazine // Published March 28, 2017 // By Stefanie Botelho

Quincy College welcomed a new addition to the Quincy College at Plymouth community: a synthetic cadaver also referred to as a SynDaver, named after the company who produces the synthetic cadavers. Quincy College is the first two-year college in Massachusetts to invest in a SynDaver and is the second college statewide; the first being Lasell College. This major investment is part of Quincy College at Plymouth’s over 2 million dollar and 45,000 sq foot renovation over the past year. The college is expanding to meet the needs of its record breaking enrollment, the highest since its founding in Quincy in 1958. The expansion and renovation of the Plymouth campus, founded in 1991, comes as the campus celebrates its 25th Anniversary serving South Shore communities.

The Syndaver will be housed on the Quincy College at Plymouth Campus in a newly built 950 sq foot lab space, customized to the needs of the SynDaver. This newly created lab space will include Anatomy and Physiology tools, microscopes, models and will include a dip tank as the Syndaver needs to remain submerged when not in use to avoid the desiccation of the model.

The SynDaver and its home, a newly built, 950 sq foot custom laboratory space adds to the cutting edge tools at Quincy College faculty’s disposal to educated students. At Quincy College, the SynDaver will be used as an interdisciplinary teaching tool to augment classroom lecture- with applications for students studying Phlebotomy, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Nursing.

The SynDaver Surgical Model, procured by Quincy College is an education-grade synthetic human cadaver complete with all bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons found in normal human anatomy. The Surgical Model includes over 600 muscle composites and 200 bones. Major nervous system and vascular components are also included. The model features complete and functional musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine and nervous systems. The model employs a heart pump which pumps synthetic blood from the heart and drainage towards the heart.

The purchase of the Syndaver was spearheaded by Dr. Dennis Burke, Faculty at Quincy College of Plymouth and Instructor of Science. Dr. Burke originally had the idea to procure a synthetic cadaver after it Syndaver appeared on the popular television show, Shark Tank.

The SynDaver Surgical Model is an ideal alternative to human cadavers often used to demonstrate critical skills of healthcare professions in basic anatomy classes. The tissues are a better representation of live tissue than the dead tissue of a cadaver. Students will have a hands on approach in exploring the above systems, much different than using traditional models.

“I cannot teach tissue feel to students or the real-feel. We rely upon dissection in the classroom, working with sheep, brain, or heart dissection to explore critical skill needed for medical professionals. The SynDaver will help us design a better learning experience for our students. This will certainly change the way that I teach my students. From the use of models of bones to the use of the Syndaver, students will be able to use the models in the lab then feel muscle tissue and explore the connection of neuro-muscular systems and vasculature. The synthetic cadaver will better prepare students for real-world situations in treating patients and will have practical applications across many disciplines from Phlebotomy to Physical Therapy,” Dr. Burke said.

Quincy College anticipates training staff on the SynDaver over the summer and expects students to be working with the SynDaver in the Fall of 2017 to support and augment their course work.

The investment of the SynDaver for the Quincy College at Plymouth Campus comes on the heels of a significant Plymouth Campus renovation where the campus expanded its campus footprint by 45,000 square feet including the build-out of state-of-the-art Nursing wing which includes a simulation laboratory space.

Robert Bostrom, Associate Dean for Academics for Quincy College at Plymouth, reflects on the significant investment: “The purchase of our own SynDaver allows Quincy College to remain true to its mission of a student-centered education. Bringing cutting edge technology to the Quincy College at Plymouth campus allows us to provide a better learning experience and world class education for our students who are committed to a career in helping others – be it as a Phlebotomist, Physical Therapist, or Nurse. We are in discussion currently about expanding the use of the SynDaver to the public for non-credit certification, skill development, and professional development. We are committed to investing in our students, in the Plymouth Campus, and the surrounding South Shore communities, providing world class tools, laboratory space, and educational offerings.”

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