Quincy Sun // Published July 17, 2019// By Quincy Sun Staff

Quincy College with campuses in Quincy and Plymouth will launch a new Cyber Security Concentration in the fall of 2019 as part of their Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science. The program is full-time with day and evening classes offered on the Quincy Campus.

Cyber Security is a field that involves protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and is in the news nearly every day. The new concentration evolved from the Quincy College Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science reflecting the industry need for skilled professionals with a background in data privacy and information security.

” The Quincy College Cyber Security program is an interdisciplinary Associates Degree program incorporating business, networking, law, and computer programming courses for individuals preparing for a career in Cyber Security. It’s a natural extension of Quincy College’s Computer Science Certificate and Associate Degree programs,” Gerald Koocher, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Quincy College.

An intersection of Computer Science, Business, Law, and Criminal Justice, the new Cyber Security concentration offered at Quincy College prepares graduates for careers as Network Administrators, Computer Support Administrators, and Computer Support Specialists, and Security Analysts.

In addition to general education requirements, students in the cyber security concentration are expected to compete classes like Computer Forensics, Computer Systems Security, Cyber Law, with electives like Abnormal Psychology, Corporate Security Investigations, and White-Collar Crime.

” Cyber Security is rewarding and robust field full of opportunities for Quincy College Graduates. Cyber Security professionals can work in nearly every industry, providing security assessment, mitigating cyber threats, managing the technical security of a network via firewalls, encryption, and web servers or guiding an investigation into a security incident, using forensic data,” Quincy College Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Quincy College alumnus, James Peters.

In addition to the Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science – Cyber Security concentration, Quincy College also offers a Network or Programming concentration.

To learn more, visit: https://quincycollege.edu/program/computer-science-cyber-security/