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Computer Science: Programming

Associate of Science Degree


The Computer Science Program is designed to prepare students for a variety of entry-level positions in a networked environment within the computer science industry, and to provide additional training or further advancement to those already employed in the computer science profession. The program design includes the general education curriculum, a general computer science core, skills courses, and courses specific to the computer science areas.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Summarize how computers, data processing, and networking have changed practices in society, business, science and medicine.
  • Describe the role of major hardware and software components of a computer.
  • Apply structured methodologies to design, implement, document, test, and debug computer programs.
  • Differentiate between procedural and object- oriented programming.
  • Evaluate and implement various data structures to solve coding problems.
  • Design a relational database with queries, forms, and reports.
  • Describe the technologies used in computer networks.

Academic Division of Professional Programs

Computer Science: Programming Courses
    • Code
    • Course
    • Credits
    • CSI 107
    • C++ Programming
    • 3
    This course is designed as an introduction to C++ programming. Problem solving methods and algorithmic development stressing good programming style and documentation including top down and modular design is emphasized. Prerequisite: CSI 116 (formerly CSI 216 Computer Concepts).
    • CSI 108
    • Advanced C++
    • 3
    This course is designed to provide the student with the advanced object oriented features of C++. It builds upon the knowledge learned in C++ Programming. Prerequisites: CSI 107 and CSI 116 (formerly CSI 216 Computer Concepts).
    • CSI 116
    • Introduction to Programming
    • 3
    This course is designed to provide the background necessary for an understanding of computers and computer languages. Programming assignments introduce the student to methods of problem solving, programming logic, development of algorithms, coding in C, debugging and documenting programs. Topics include an overview of computer organization, simple data structures, and file management.
    • CSI 218
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • 3
    This course covers common data structures and algorithms for storing and manipulating data using the C++ programming language. Object-oriented programming and design techniques are emphasized for the creation of reusable data structures. Topics include multidimensional arrays, linked lists, recursion, stacks, queues, searching, sorting, hashing, and trees. Prerequisite: CSI 116, CSI 107, CSI 108.
    • CSI 226
    • UNIX with Linux
    • 3
    Introduction to UNIX operating system. Practical explorations of the basics of UNIX system concepts, architecture, and administration. Uses Linux, a PC-compatible clone of UNIX to reinforce shell programming concepts and utilities with real-world applications.
    • CSI 244
    • Networking I
    • 3
    Introduction to the concepts, technology, and implementation of computer communication. Topics discussed are distributed systems requirements, network architecture, communications protocols, local and wide area networks, data transmission, digital multiplexing, data switching, and characteristics of transmission media, modems, design of information flow, and message and packet switching.
    • CSA 213
    • Database Management
    • 3
    This course is designed to introduce the fundamental process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a database system in order to produce management information. MS Access or other relational database programs will be used. Database programming is also included.

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