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Criminal Justice

Academic Division of Professional Programs

The Quincy College Criminal Justice Program is designed to prepare individuals for the various aspects of Criminal Justice in the region. The program options available to students offer several routes of preparation. In any Criminal Justice course, students may find themselves in classrooms with police officers, private security professionals, government agency staff, and prospective social scientists. Students are encouraged to carefully review each Criminal Justice track, and the options available within each, in order to more effectively identify the program best suited for their career and personal goals.

The Criminal Justice Program is designed to assist students who anticipate transferring to Criminal Justice programs at Baccalaureate Degree-granting institutions. The purpose of the Program is to make possible transfer into such institutions and enhance the likelihood of students’ success in those programs. The Criminal Justice Program allows the student greater flexibility in selecting courses that will match the program requirements of the school to which the student intends to transfer.

On-Campus or Online Degree

Students may complete the Quincy College Criminal Justice Program as an on-campus student or a fully online student.


On-campus students may take all of their courses on-campus. Students have the opportunity to take a combination of on-campus and online courses.

Online Degree

Quincy College offers the Criminal Justice Associate Degree program fully online. This program is offered in a pathway format and students may enroll as full-time or part-time.

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Criminal Justice Courses
    • Code
    • Course
    • Credits
    • CJS 101
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • 3
    This course introduces the criminal justice process and services with discussion of the roles of police, courts, and corrections. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • CJS 103
    • Criminology
    • 3
    The nature and cause of criminal behavior in contemporary America, the social forces involved, the major causes of lawbreaking, and analysis of social responses to criminals, including the workings of the police, courts, laws, and prisons are studied. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • CJS 107
    • Juvenile Delinquency
    • 3
    This course covers selected theories of delinquency, programs of prevention and control, treatment, confinement, utilization of community resources, and the history and current role of the juvenile court. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • CJS 109
    • Criminal Law
    • 3
    This course introduces the student to the principles of criminal liability, elements of crimes, defenses to crimes and parties to crimes in the areas of property crimes, crimes against the person, crimes against habitation, and drug trafficking. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • SOC 101
    • General Sociology
    • 3
    An examination of the behavior of humans in social groups. Emphasis will be placed on concepts including culture, society, socialization, role, personality, institutions and social change. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

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