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Emergency Medical Technician

Certificate Program


The Emergency Medical Technician Certificate is an in- depth program in basic life support offered by Quincy College in partnership with CMTI (Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute).

The goal of this program is to prepare each student to become a competent, knowledgeable and professional entry-level EMT in all phases of the learning domains- cognitive (knowledge)-psychomotor (skills)-affective (behavior).

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Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend, evaluate and apply clinical presentation as it relates to their role as an entry-level EMT (Cognitive Objective).
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in all EMT skills required by the NREMT, the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services and the program requirements to fulfill their role as an entry-level EMT (Psychomotor objective).
  • Demonstrate personal and professional behaviors consistent with the profession and employer expectations in their role as an entry-level EMT (Affective Objective).

Please note that the EMT certificate program is not eligible for financial aid. 

Academic Division of Professional Programs

Emergency Medical Technician Courses
    • Code
    • Course
    • Credits
    • EMS 101
    • Emergency Medical Technician- Basic
    • 6
    The Basic Emergency Medical Technician Course is an in-depth course in basic life support offered by the Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute (CMTI) at Quincy College. It offers career training for entry-level positions in emergency medical settings. Students learn about acute illnesses, medical emergencies, traumatic emergencies, childbirth, rescue extrication, ambulance operations, splinting techniques, communication and documentation, medical legal implications, automated external defibrillator (aed)/ cardiopulmonary resuscitation (cpr), basic medications and their effects. After successful completion of all requirements and skills training, the student will qualify to apply for respective national and state certification exams. The course involves approximately 160 hours of classroom participation where complete attendance all sessions is mandatory. The course meets or exceeds current National Emergency Medical Services guidelines and has Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services approval.

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