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QC Career Services

Quincy College Career Services supports and empowers students and alumni to be active participants in the career development process.

About Career Services

Career Services educates students in all phases of their career development with the tools necessary to make gratifying career decisions to develop and transition successfully in a diverse and global society. Career Services helps you put your best foot forward. We offer self-assessment instruments, print and online resources for career research, resume and cover letter assistance, interview coaching and networking advice.

Career Services also offers a drop-in service, typically lasting 10-15 minutes, that enables you to obtain career planning assistance on a first-come, first-serve basis. Concerns students frequently include:

You may always wish to meet with a Career Counselor to:

  • Begin to look at your interests, skills, and values through a one-on-one discussion, self assessment.
  •  Learn about the tools and resources essential in gaining information about majors and careers.
  •  Engage in exercises that can help you to identify the career skills that your academic, extracurricular, internships and part-time job experiences have developed.
  •  Talk about how to make informed decisions about college major, careers, job offers and continuing your education.
  •  Recognize personal strengths and limitations and how they affect career planning. Develop ways to use and/or improve them.
  •  Learn to research employers and industries.
  •  Develop strategies to explore your professional network.

Your Success Starts Here!

Our Mission

Quincy College Career Services assists students of all academic programs with identifying and achieving their individual career goals. We provide career-related counseling, resources, programs, and access to internships, and employment opportunities.

We build relationships with employers to optimize job opportunities and internships, while also creating strategic partnerships with campus departments to assist students in developing and articulating co-curricular experiences that will help to ensure they are competitive in their future pursuits.


Through strategic partnerships with the campus community and employers, Career Services will be the center for student professional development and career placement at Quincy College.

Presidents Place, Suite 203
1250 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Steps to Career Success



Want to get a good job after Quincy College? Use these tips to jump-start your career while you are in school. Most students go to college to get a degree and to gain the skills employers want. Getting good grades is not enough to impress most employers. Students that follow the strategies listed below will be better prepared to promote themselves to employers.

Don’t wait until your final days in college to visit us at the Career Center! We can assistance in choosing majors, finding internships, locating employers seeking applicants in specific degree programs, and preparing for a job search. Take advantage adding “real world experience” to your resume.

Assess yourself.

Employers want to know why you are a good fit for their company. Take time now to learn how your skills, values, interests, and personality influence your career choices. Use our free online assessment tools to learn more about yourself.  We can also help prepare you for interviews and make resume writing easier.

Explore careers related to your degree – Experiential Learning.

Don’t wait until you are graduating to think about the workplace. Do you know what jobs you will be qualified for when you graduate? To help plan your career path, conduct several informational interviews with people who work with or hire people in your desired career. Ask them if your degree program and extra-curricular experiences have prepared you for the requirements employers expect. The Career Center can help you!

Participate in career activities.

Potential employers expect job candidates to have related skills and experience, not just coursework, a good G.P.A., and other school achievements. To set yourself apart from other recent graduates, participate in internships, and other work-based learning experiences. You can also participate in career-related volunteer opportunities, or part-time or summer employment related to your chosen career.

Position yourself.

Use the information gained from your career and employer research to make the most of your school experience. Join a career-related student group, like the Business 101 Club, professional associations, or other groups that can help you to build your network, including online career-related groups. When possible, choose school projects related to trends and topics in your desired career.

Be a success in the workplace.

No matter what type of employment or volunteer experience you do while in school, take it seriously. Follow these tips to succeed at work now, and you will develop work habits that will benefit you after you graduate.

Appreciate the benefits that Quincy College has to offer you.

Higher education pays off. Increasing your skills is more than just a trendy thing to do. It’s a way to increase your earning power and employability throughout your career.

Choice of major/career exploration/self-assessment

Explore and Grow

Through Career Cruising and Myers Briggs Type Indicators, discover ideal careers based on your interests, skills and personality.  These will help you make informed choices at Quincy College and beyond.

Exploring Majors & Career Options

Career Cruising is an online program to identify the three top careers into which your interests, skills, and values fall. (Username: Quincy, Password: College)

What can I Do with this Major?

  • Connect majors with typical career paths
  • No password or login required

Additional Links

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • O*Net  The O*NET program provides comprehensive occupational descriptions and data for use by job seekers, workforce development offices, human resources professionals, students, researchers, and others.

America’s Career InfoNet

Find book titles on QC’s Library online library database

  • Quick Guide to College Majors and Careers
  • College Majors Handbook

Resume & Cover Letters

Click here to download the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook created by Career Services.
Find book titles at Quincy College Libraries, our online library database

  • Resume Magic
  • 101 Best Resumes for New Grads

Job Searching

LinkedIn Resources

Leverage the world’s largest professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Job Search to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

Visit LinkedIn Job Search>>

Graduating in the age of COVID-19

Download our Guidebook

At Quincy College, we understand that this is not the world you thought you’d be graduating into. These are stressful and uncertain times for you and for millions of graduating college students across the country.

The good news is that there are plenty of immediate and long-term actions you can take to increase your appeal to organizations that are hiring, network and connect with professionals online, manage your resources wisely, enhance your (virtual) competencies, and set action-oriented goals for yourself. This guide will introduce a variety of resources, ideas, and mindsets you should adopt and utilize to overcome these challenging times.

Download our Guidebook to Graduating and Succeeding in COVID19 [PDF]


Diverse Populations

International Student Resources – Finding employment can be difficult for anyone, regardless of citizenship status. However, research and consulting Career Services can make the process a little easier


Find book titles at LibraryWorld, our online library database

  • Cracking the Corporate Closet
  • Career Resource Guide for People with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities

A Career Counselor Can Help You Answer:

  • Should I disclose my disability on my resume or in an interview? If so, how?
  • How does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affect me?
  • What are my rights under the ADA?
  • What should I expect from employers?
  •  What is reasonable accommodation?
  • How can I access mentors in career fields of interest to me?

Tips for Researching Employers:

  • Review the anti-discrimination policies of the organization
  •  Know in advance what accommodations you require

Campus Resources:

Office for Disability Services

Other Resources:

 Ethnic/Racial Minority

A Career Counselor Can Help You Answer:

  • Do I share my race/ethnicity in the application process?
  • How can I access mentors in career fields of interest to me?
  •  Are there particular employment opportunities and internships accessible to students with a specific background?

Tips for Researching Employers

  •  Is there a race/ethnicity employee interest group?
  •  What percentage of employees are minority?

Other Resources

 U.S. Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission

Adult Learners

A Career Counselor Can Help You Answer:

  • How do I balance work/life issues and demands?
  •  Should I list my entire work/educational history on my resume?
  •  How do I search for jobs in a specific geographic area?
  •  How can I access mentors in career fields of interest to me?
  •  Should I disclose my age when applying for positions?
  •  Will my age work against me when looking for a job?

Tips for Researching Employers:

  • Build upon your work and life experience in your employment search

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