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Tuition & Fees

Quincy College makes taking college courses and earning your degree financially possible. In addition to our flexible course schedules and an open enrollment policy, we offer the benefit of a high-quality education at a low-priced tuition.

2014-2015 Tuition & Fees

(Costs only valid through Summer 2014)
Fees are non-refundable
Quincy College Tuition & Fees (only valid through Summer 2015)
Liberal Arts , Business and Sciences $199/credit
Fine Arts, Music, Telecourses $209/credit
4 credit Science class $215/credit
4 credit Organic Chemistry $281/credit
Computer Science and Technology $234/credit
First Year Seminar (IDS 167/3 credit course) $199/credit
Nursing and Natural & Health Sciences Tuition
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT credits only) $327/credit
Nursing (RNU credits only) $685/credit
Practical Nursing (PNU credits only) $513/credit
Surgical Technology (SUR credits only) $513/credit
Health Sciences (HSC credits only) $209/credit
Phlebotomy (PHB credits only) $311/credit
Exercise Science/Personal Training (EXS credits only) $327/credit
Biotechnology & Compliance (BTC credits only) $333/credit
Sciences (with 2 hours lab) $227/credit
Sciences (Organic Chemistry 4 hours lab) $297/credit
2014-2015 College Fees
Account/Registration Reactivation Fee $100
Application (Non Nursing & Health Sciences) $50
Nursing, Natural & Health Sciences Applications $50
Health Sciences Admissions Test $25
Nursing, Natural & Health Sciences Deposit (Non-Refundable) $250
Nursing, Natural & Health Sciences Matriculation Fee $125
Surgical Technology Test Fee $237
Course Change (Drop Fee) $0
CLEP/ACT-PEP Rate $150/course*
Commencement $150
Experiential Learning Portfolio Evaluation $130/application
Experiential Learning Transfer Fee $130/credit
Fall Health Insurance (9 or more credits) $1,640
High School Student Rate $128/credit*
Non-US Resident Student Fee $125/credit
Late Payment $75
Parking Permit Varies
Quincy/N. Quincy high school student rate $228/course*
Registration Fee $98/semester
Returned Check $100/each
Senior Citizen Rate (65 and older) $159/course*
Student Picture ID (required for library, computer labs, and tutoring services) $25 per ID
Student Picture ID Replacement $25 per ID
Transcript $20
Veteran Tuition $116/credit*

Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration for all
courses. Cash, personal checks, American Express, Discover,
MasterCard and Visa are acceptable forms of payment.
Please note that Quincy College cannot accept starter checks
or checks without an address.

Tuition and Fees are subject to change and are payable in full before the start of the semester. Fees are non-refundable and are due at the time the service is rendered or the cost incurred.

*Does not include computer classes, science labs or Nursing, Natural & Health Sciences courses.
**Students who are covered by another health insurance plan may waive this fee by submitting a waiver form to the Business office within 30 days of the start of the semester.
***Quincy College Alumni receive up to 5 transcripts per calendar year free of charge.
****No charge for adding courses.

Please note that Quincy College cannot accept starter checks or checks without an address on it.