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Quincy College supports Airmen and Space Force in achieving their educational goals through our partnership with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

Quincy College is proud to participate in the CCAF General Education Mobile (GEM) program which helps Airmen and Space Force earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

  • GEM is an exciting partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Quincy College and other civilian academic institutions
  • GEM offers General Education courses to meet CCAF associate in applied science (AAS) degree requirements
  • Courses are offered in a distance learning format: anytime, anywhere
  • GEM reduces the CCAF educational impact of deployments, PCS, and family commitments


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The cost of courses is $200 per credit. Example: A 3 credit course would cost $600 ($200 x 3 credits = $600). Students do not need to pay the application fee, registration fee, or technology fee.

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Oral Communication


ENG 111, Speech Communication | 3 Semester Hours

Special attention is given to developing self-confidence and skill in oral communication by affording each student an opportunity to participate in a maximum number of speech situations. Practice situations include extemporaneous speeches, panel discussions, and evaluative listening.

Written Communication


ENG 101, English Composition I | 3 Semester Hours

A required course for all students who have demonstrated acceptable writing proficiency as measured by a standard test or satisfactory completion of ENG 090. This course will emphasize developing the student’s ability to articulate his/her thoughts in writing a coherent, unified, and well-structured composition. The student will write a series of papers. The student will also learn the techniques needed to produce a library research paper. The required research paper is a major component of the course.

ENG 102, English Composition II | 3 Semester Hours

A required course, which introduces the student to themes and techniques in the basic genres of literature: the short story, drama, and poetry. Expository papers may be written in response to ideas embodied in literature. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or permission of instructor.



MAT 103, College Algebra | 3 Semester Hours

This college level algebra course expands upon a student’s knowledge by further developing algebraic concepts. Topics include graphing equations with an introduction to functions, factoring polynomials, operations on rational functions, simplifying rational exponents, and solving quadratic equations. Students will be required to complete homework assignments using a web- based computer program. Prerequisite: Appropriate score on the placement test or successful completion of MAT 097.

MAT 107, Statistics | 3 Semester Hours

Introduces the student to the fundamental methods of mathematical statistics. Topics include frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion probability, sampling distributions, problems with the normal and t-distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Students will be required to complete homework assignments using a web-based computer program. Prerequisite: Beginning Algebra MAT 097 or Equivalent or Permission of Instructor.

Social Science


PSY 101, General Psychology | 3 Semester Hours

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts, major theories, different theoretical perspectives and research methods in psychology. The focus is on theories of personality, motivation, learning, intelligence, emotions, developmental processes, physiological psychology, perception, and psychological assessment. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

SOC 101, General Sociology | 3 Semester Hours

An examination of the behavior of humans in social groups. Emphasis will be placed on concepts including culture, society, socialization, role, personality, institutions and social change. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

HIS 101, US History I | 3 Semester Hours

This survey course traces the history of American development from pre-Columbian exploration and the Colonial era through the Civil War. Emphasis is given to the main lines of American development from the coming of the pre-Columbian explorers to the end of the Civil War. Special emphasis is given to constitutional developments in this period including the evolution of the British colonial charters, state constitutions, and the federal constitution. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

HIS 102, US History II | 3 Semester Hours

This course traces developments since the end of the Civil War with emphasis on reconstruction, the industrialization of America and her emergence as a world power, the two World Wars, and America’s role since World War II. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

SOC 102, Contemporary Social Problems | 3 Semester Hours

An analysis of the chief areas of social mal-adjustment. Consideration is given to selected critical problems including race relations, ethic discrimination, changing sex role patterns, family dislocation, and an aging population, mental illness, crime, alcoholism and drug addiction.

SOC 116, Intercultural Communications | 3 Semester Hours

This course will develop awareness of how human culture affects individual perception and interpersonal communication. Through literature and journalism, film and music, communicative activities and research projects, students will expand their capacity to understand themselves and communicate with other members of the human family. Particular attention will be paid to other cultural groups represented by class members.

SOC 155, Race, Class, Gender, Social Justice | 3 Semester Hours

This course will explore the relationship between race, class, gender and social justice. Topics will include the following: the origins and consequences of racial, class, ethnic discriminations; the changing role of women; immigration policies; movements for integration and separatism; and the impact of past and present day problems and policies.

ECO 201, Microeconomics | 3 Semester Hours

In this course, students study the basic principles of economics including economic theory related to the operation of business firms such as supply, demand, price determination, production costs, competition, resource markets, and international trade. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

ECO 202, Macroeconomics | 3 Semester Hours

This course is a study of the basic principles of economics including different economics organizations, income and employment theory, government fiscal and monetary policies, problems of price stability, and economic growth. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.

GOV 201, American Government | 3 Semester Hours

This course deals with the problem of democratic government in the United States including the background of political theory and constitutional development. It studies democracy at various levels in the United States and offers a comparison with other democratic governments. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.



ENG 204, Poetry | 3 Semester Hours

This course explores composition of poetry through analysis and through the creation of original works. Students will read a wide variety of poems, from traditional forms to modern free verse, while creating their own original collection of poetry. Students may also be required to write explications of poems as a means to better grasp metrics, parts of speech, rhetorical constructions, traditional forms and innovations in style. Prerequisites: ENG 101

ENG 211, American Literature I | 3 Semester Hours

This course is a general survey of early American Literature covering the major writers from Captain Smith through the Fireside Poets. The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to representative authors with emphasis on the major writers. Critical papers may be assigned periodically. Prerequisites: ENG 102 or permission of instructor.

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