The Quincy Sun // Published June 1, 2017 // Scott Jackson

The City Council recently honored Quincy College in recognition of the school being given the ability to award its graduates four-year degrees. Gov. Charlie Baker in January approved a home rule petition that allows the 5,000 student school the ability to confer baccalaureate degrees. The school could begin offering four-year degrees in select programs as soon as September 2018.

Councillor Noel DiBona, an alumnus of the school, presented the commendation at the council’s April 18th meeting.

“Since it’s inception, Quincy College has continued to give access to an affordable higher education that prepares their students to enter the workforce. By offering four-year degrees, they continue to enhance their mission and meet the challenging needs of the community,” DiBona said.

“Congratulations, Quincy College on this momentous event in the history of the college. We wish you continued success.”

Quincy College President Peter Tsaffaras accepted the commendation on behalf of the institution. He thanks Mayor Thomas Koch, the City Council, and Quincy’s Beacon Hill delegation for their support of the home rule petition and the college itself.

“ Much like a crew team rowing on the Charles River, you can see at Quincy College the effect of what happens when everyone is on the same page and working toward a common goal,” Tsaffaras said. “It seems like we’ve been riding a wave of good fortune lately.”

“I like to say sometimes that we’re like the little engine that could. We’ve succeeding at doing things that are counterintiuitive to what’s happening in higher education tiday. We’re experiencing, as I think you know, unprecedented growth.”

“It is my firm belief and something I’ve said since I’ve became president that education is the passport that allows on to travel through and navigate our society,” Tsaffaras said. “I’m very proud to say that our graduates are earning their passport.”

“It is our students, staff, and faculty, as well as our administrators and board working together with the city of Quincy and our colleagues up and down the Route 3 cooridor as one large community, that has ensured that Quincy College now more than ever is an institution that is on the move.”