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Parking Passes

Parking Passes

Quincy College has limited parking for students in the Presidents Place garage. Students must purchase a parking permit each semester from the Registrar’s Office in Presidents Place. Parking permits are available for purchase two weeks before the start of the semester on a first come first serve basis. A parking permit does not guarantee a space and students parking in spots reserved for other purposes in the garage can be ticketed or towed.

Business Office | (617) 984 – 1630 | studentaccounts@quincycollege.edu


Parking Lot Locations

Parking at Saville Hall is for staff and faculty.

Handicap and visitor parking is available at Presidents Place and Saville Hall.

Quincy College at Plymouth has free parking available at Cordage Park.


Violations for Saville Hall and Presidents Place

  1. Parking violations include:
    a. Parking in a designated handicapped space without a handicapped license plate, an official handicapped permit from the Registry of Motor Vehicles or authorization from the Director for Administrative Services & Facilities. Able-bodied persons using handicapped plates are also subject to ticketing.
    b. Student parking in the Saville Hall garage (except handicapped).
    c. Illegal parking such as double parking, not parking within a lined space, parking in an unauthorized space, blocking an aisle or otherwise obstructing the flow of traffic.
  2. Cars violating any of the above rules may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  3. Quincy College will have no responsibility in any litigation with the City of Quincy concerning the receipt of parking tickets or other violations.
  4. Any student who shows a pattern of repeated violations of college parking policy or any student whose vehicular actions endanger the safety of other students or property may have their parking privileges revoked by the College.


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