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Certificate Program


The Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed for the student who seeks to be an entrepreneur in a start-up business or who wants to work as an entrepreneurial change agent within an existing corporate setting. This program prepares students to recognize opportunities, identify business issues, and analyze actions to better position their business. The certificate program will help to prepare students to be successful and to develop the necessary skills needed to manage, promote, and compete.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Evaluate the importance of strategic, operational and financial planning in the small business setting.
  • Compare and contrast the three general methods of starting a small business start-up, buy an existing business or buy a franchise and evaluate the pros and cons of each method.
  • Describe the process for identifying, evaluating and selecting new business opportunities.
  • Identify and discuss the major environmental forces that influence a manager’s work.
  • Identify and discuss types and methods of decision making.
  • Explain the importance of business ethics and social responsibility to new business ventures.
  • Differentiate between strategic business plans and strategic marketing plans.
  • Develop a plan to incorporate principles of customer service into all areas of the business.

Academic Division of Professional Programs

Entrepreneurship Courses
    • Code
    • Course
    • Credits
    • ACC 101
    • Accounting I
    • 3
    This is an introductory course in accounting with the emphasis on the basic accounting cycle, management use of accounting data, construction and analysis of financial statements, and valuation of assets. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • BUS 202
    • Principles of Customer Service
    • 3
    This course examines the principles of customer service and their significance in a service-driven economy. Topics covered include: The Service Strategy, The Customer: Internal & External; Customers’ Wants & Needs; Communicating Customer Service; Profiles of Successful Companies; Service People-Motivation, Commitment, and Reward. Placement at ENG 101 level strongly advised.
    • MGT 201
    • Principles of Management
    • 3
    An introductory course covering the general topics of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Included are the historic developments of management as a separate discipline within organizations, the changing scope and styles of management, and the application of management principles in the business environment. Prerequisite: BUS 101.
    • MGT 203
    • Human Resources Management
    • 3
    A study of the applied approach to human resource management and administration. Emphasis is placed on policy analysis, current practices, future trends, and legal requirements of recruiting, selecting, training, developing, compensating, evaluating and disciplining employees. Also included are changing demographics of the workforce, ethics in human resources management, and other current issues. Requires research on selected topics. Prerequisites: MGT 201, ENG 101 (suggested).
    • MGT 230
    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    • 3
    This course provides an overview of the process of conceiving, launching, and operating a new venture. Students will become proficient in the basic tools of planning, finance, marketing, operations, and staffing necessary to start, manage and build a sustainable small business. Preparing a new venture business plan will be an integral part of the course. Common problems in managing a small business will be explored. Students will learn about the roles and attributes of successful entrepreneurs and will undertake a self-examination to evaluate their interest in an entrepreneurial career. A variety of small business owners may be invited to class to share their start-up experiences and the obstacles they had to overcome as entrepreneurs. Prerequisite: BUS 101.
    • MGT 235
    • Financing a Small Business
    • 3
    This course provides an introduction to the financing and financial management of small business enterprises from start-up to on-going sustainable operations. Topics include the financing of new ventures; working capital and cash flow management; financial statement and ratio analysis; financing the ongoing business and future growth; financial structure and leverage; valuation methods; and the importance of financial management controls. The role of venture capitalists, angels and other investors; sources of debt, financing; and available funding from federal, state and regional agencies will be explored. Prerequisite: MGT 230.
    • MKT 201
    • Principles of Advertising
    • 3
    This course is a study of basic advertising principles, physical construction of the advertisement, and organization of the advertising business. The course includes a study of advertising media including newspapers, magazines, radio, point-of-sale displays, and outdoor advertising, together with criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of current advertising. Prerequisite: ENG 101.
    • MKT 202
    • Principles of Marketing
    • 3
    A survey of the principles and practices governing the distribution of commodities from producer to consumer. Areas of study include types of marketing institutions, price policy, legislation affecting markets, market research, channel and product strategies and consumer behavior. Prerequisite: ENG 101.

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