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Earn 3 Credits over Winter Session

Don’t saddle yourself in debt.

Get a great education at a great value.

Higher education costs are out of reach for most typical families these days. We believe everyone is entitled to equal access to learning without incurring life-altering college debt. It is our mission to provide quality education at an affordable price. Whether you want to earn a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Business Management, a two-year Associate’s degree, a 10-month certificate program, or take a class, we could be the right fit for you.

The numbers speak for themselves

Cost per credit breakdown for college tuition:

  • About $300: Quincy College
  • About $450: In-state four-year public colleges
  • About $1,150: Out-of-state four-year public colleges
  • About $1,600: Four-year private, nonprofit colleges

Transfer your credits

Quincy College is accredited by The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), which means that many of our courses will transfer to other colleges. Certain classes—usually 100 and 200-level general education classes in Math, History, Psychology, and English, for example—have common content and expectations, so they are more likely to transfer. The best way to begin the process is to determine with your school before registering for classes at Quincy College. While we want to save you money, we also want to be certain that you aren’t putting yourself further in debt with certain classes that will not transfer.

Articulation Agreements

Quincy College has agreements with many Boston institutions to help students transition from their associate degree to a bachelor degree program.

Download List of Articulation Agreements


Winter Courses

We can help you reach your potential. Whether you’re looking to make up a class, stay ahead or knock out a pre-requisite, our accelerated Fall classes may be the right fit for you. We are now offering over 60 courses.

Location Course # Course Date Time
BL ACC 102 BL Accounting II 12/28-1/9
BL BUS 101 BL Fundamentals of Business 12/28-1/9
BL CJS 122 BL Conflict & Dispute Resolution 12/28-1/9
Q CSI 101 16 Introduction to Computers 12/28-1/15 9a-1p
BL CSI 101 BL Introduction to Computers 12/28-1/15
Q ECO 201 16 Microeconomics 12/28-1/15 9a-1p
BL IDS 167 BL First Year Seminar 12/28-1/15
BL PHL 103 BL Medical Ethics 12/28-1/15
BL PSY 215 BL Abnormal Psychology 12/28-1/15
BL PSY 216 BL Growth and Development 12/28-1/15
O CSI 101 OT Introduction to Computers 12/28-1/15
O IDS 167 OT First Year Seminar 12/28-1/15
O PSY 215 OT Abnormal Psychology 12/28-1/15
O PSY 216 OT Growth and Development 12/28-1/15
P ENG 111 60 Speech Communications 12/28-1/15 9a-1p
P PSY 101 60 General Psychology 12/28-1/15 9a-1p
P SOC 101 60 General Sociology 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q ART 115 99 Basic Painting 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q CSA 213 99 Database Management 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q ENG 101 99 English Composition I 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q ENG 102 99 English Composition II 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q GOV 201 99 American Government 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q HIS 101 16 US History I 12/28-1/15 9a-1p
Q MAT 107 99 Statistics 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q PHL 101 99 Introduction to Philosophy 12/28-1/15 6-10p
Q PSY 101 16 General Psychology 12/28-1/15
Q SOC 101 16 General Sociology 12/28-1/15 9a-1p

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